Williams, Lundergan-Grimes lead Frankfort election fundraising


Senate President David Williams is the top Republican fundraiser in Frankfort and Alison Lundergan-Grimes leads the Democrats.

Williams is seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination on May 17 and received more than $14,300 from supporters in Franklin County, according to records from the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

Lundergan-Grimes is seeking the Democratic nomination for secretary of state and has received donations totaling approximately $13,800 in Frankfort.

Key local supporters for Williams include former secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Norman Arflack, attorney Bill Kirkland and his wife, Kay, and Donnie Owens, principal of the Early Learning Village, who each gave $1,000. Emily Gable, wife of Robert Gable, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate, gave $1,000.

Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer is running with Williams as lieutenant governor. They face two other Republican slates - Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw and Navy veteran Bill Vermillion; Louisville businessman Phil Moffett and state lawmaker Mike Harmon.

Williams and Farmer have raised $1.2 million in total and spent $530,000.

Moffett has raised $112,000 and spent $101,000 - he reported no contributions from Frankfort.

Holsclaw has raised $23,000 and spent $7,500 - she reported no contributions from Frankfort.

The winner of the Republican primary will face Democratic incumbent Gov. Steve Behsear and independent Gatewood Galbraith.

Lundergan-Grimes received support from a number of local Democratic leaders including Sen. Julian Carroll, who gave $500, and Rep. Derrick Graham, who gave $150. Others of note include Thomas Dorman, $994, individual and in-kind, Clayton Farmer, $500, Carol Palmore, $328 in-kind, and John Palmore, $500 in-kind.

Lundergan-Grimes has raised $303,000 and spent $47,000.

She faces incumbent Elaine Walker in the May 17 primary. Beshear appointed Walker to the position – she also served as mayor of Bowling Green.

Walker reported $6,000 in donations from local supporters. She raised $100,000 and spent $21,700 statewide.

The winner of the Democratic nomination will face either Republican Bill Johnson or Hilda Legg.

Johnson has $3,000 but reported no local contributions.

Legg has $105,000 and received $750 from supporters in Frankfort, including $500 from Gable.

B.D. Wilson is the top Democratic fundraiser in Franklin County and James Comer is the top Republican.

Wilson reported $8,000 in local support, not counting $10,000 from his own pocket.

Wilson, a former state official and Montgomery County judge-executive, reported funds totaling $127,500 statewide and spent $70,000.

He faces former state senator John Lackey, farmer Stewart Gritton, first-time candidate Robert Farmer and cable contractor David Williams in the May 17 primary. None reported any local contributions.

Lackey has a total of $1,500 on hand; Gritton has $10,000; Farmer reported $9,000 and Williams reported no contributions.

The winner faces either Comer or Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger in the general election.

Comer has about $152,000 on hand and Rothenburger only $16,000.

Comer reported $6,200 in contributions from Franklin County.

Rothenburger only had $385 in local contributions.

Neither Democratic contender in the treasurer’s race reported any local contributions. Textbook publisher Steve Hamrick faces incumbent Todd Hollenbach.

The winner faces Republican K.C. Crosbie in the general election.

The two candidates seeking the Republican nomination for state auditor reported only a few local contributions. Developer John Kemper received $75 and lawmaker Addia Wuchner reported $800.

The winner faces Democrat Adam Edelen in November. Attorney General Jack Conway faces Republican Todd P’Pool in the general election.

Donations by name


Housing Industry PAC of Ky., 1040 Burlington Lane, Ky. PAC, $1,000
Arflack, Norman, 1014 Bittersweet Lane, Exec. Direct. Committee on Educational Opportunities For Military Children, $1,000
Barton, John, 1011 Bittersweet Lane, retired, $1,000
Brock, Elizabeth, 512 Johnson Road, homemaker, $1,000
Brock, Jeffery, 512 Johnson Road, engineer, $1,000
Emberton, Thomas, 408 Leawood Dr., Sunbridge Healthcare, $1,000
Fields, Christy, 107 Wisteria Lane, LRC staff, $250
Gable, Emily, 1715 Stonehaven Dr., homemaker, $1,000
Harnice, Nan, 968 Inverness, Buffalo Trace Distillery, $1,000
Kirkland, Kay, 224 Crown Point Dr., retired, $1,000
Kirkland, William, 224 Crown Point Dr., lawyer, $1,000
Mays, Harold, 126 South Creek, HG Mays, $1,000
Owens, Donnie, 107 Thistle Road, Franklin Co. Schools, $1,000
Ramsey, Rebecca, 10 Pheasant Dr., nurse, $500
Roberts, John, PO Box 0413, KDA, $500
Shane, James, 505 Murray St., Sullivan University, $200
Templeman, Michael, PO Box 4026, consultant, $500
Yates, Rick, 716 Isaac Shelby Circle, CPA, $500


Kentucky Forward PAC, PO Box 257, federal PAC, $1,000
Alsip, Allan, 161 Travis Circle, retired, $125
Arnold, Jennie, 1109 Aderly Lane, none, $250
Blanton, Craig, 1424 Stagecoach Road, Franklin County Sheriff, $250
Brock, Elizabeth, 512 Johnson Road, housewife, $1,000
Brock, Jeffrey D., 512 Johnson Road, mining engineer, $1,000
Burger, Jennifer, 1109 Entrada Dr., physician, $250
Carroll, Julian, PO Box 1491, state senator, $500
Cutter, Sean 10 Sheffield Lane, consultant, $1,000
Dorman, Thomas, 1114 Wash Road, chief of staff House majority, $994.49, individual and in-kind
Farmer, Clayton, 326 Sickle Ct., architect, $500
Graham, Derrick, 157 Bellemeade D., teacher, $150
Greathouse, Amber, PO Box 4793, homemaker, $250
Helton, Mike, 229 Shelby St., managing partner Government Strategies, $250
Johnson, Jeffery, 519 Leawood Dr., retired, $250
Johnson, William, 204 Valley Vista Dr., CPA, $300
Johnson, William, 519 Leawood Dr., retired, $500
Jones, James, 204 Wickliffe Road, retired, $250
Lambert, Charles, PO Box 385, consultant, $500
May, William, 142 South Creek, attorney, $1,000
Palmore, Carol, 2310 Peaks Mill Road, retired, $328.32, in-kind
Palmore, John, 2310 Peaks Mille Road, retired, $500, in-kind
Payton, Willie, 885 Stillhouse Hollow Road, retired, $250
Renfro, Terrell, 1008 Tierra Linda Dr., deputy political director, $1,000
Smith, Sandra, 356 Village Dr., registered nurse, $250
Starnes, Richard, PO Box 1794. IT security, $250
Surbeck, Sharon, 1117 Deer Haven, retired, $250
True, J., 310 Leawood Dr., attorney, $250
Turner, Susan, 301 W. 3rd St., retired, $125
Wright, Russell, 3 Meadowbrook Road, tax consultant, $250

Booth, Martha, 5344 Sleepy Hollow Dr., Web designer, $250
Covington, John, 215 Country Lane, financial analyst, $250
Driskell, Leslie, 245 Crestwood Dr., office manager, $1,000
Gayle, David, 118 Running Brook Trail, Commonwealth of Ky., $1,000
Hammons, Marty, 116 Saratoga D., Commissioner for Charitable Gaming, $1,000
Hulette, Mary, 1103 Louisville Road, partner Industrial and Commercial Services, $1,000
Lackey, Henry, 408 Lindsey Ave., Commonwealth of Ky., $250
Lunsford, Jerry, 30 Belmont Dr., building contractor, $750, in-kind
Peyton, Stacia, 116 Stonehedge Dr., DLG Deputy Commissioner, $250
Wiard, Katelyn, 1035 Tyburn Lane, college student, $250


Gable, Robert, 175 Stonehaven Dr., retired, $500
White, Jeri, 326 Stonehedge St., retired, $250


Southworth, Christopher, 4684 Lawrenceburg Road, unknown, $75

Housing Industry PAC of Kentucky, 1040 Burlington Lane, Ky. PAC, $200
Gable, Robert, 1715 Stonehaven Dr., retired, $500
Owens, Donnie, 107 Thistle Road, Franklin Co. Schools, $100

>JAMES COMER, $6,238

Arnold, Deborah, 6555 Owenton Road, Psychiatrist Dept. of Military Affairs, $100
Bennett, Buddy, 1214, Meadow Lane, Sales Lee Brick & Block, $1,000
Clouse, James, 2691 Peaks Mill Road, accountant, $100
Comer, James, PO Box 6873, candidate, $1,500
Davenport, C., PO Box 4254, owner C. Michael Davenport, $500
Gable, Robert, 1715 Stonehaven Dr., retired, $500
Harnice, Paul, 968 Inverness Road, attorney, $500
Harper, Lois, 1122 Deer Haven, retired, $100
Higgs, Brent, 199 Blueridge, banker, $100
Hughes, Lori, 144 Locust Ridge Road, TLC farms, $250
Krol, Dennis, 730 Stoneleigh, insurance agent, $88, in-kind
Krol, Mary, 98 Turnberry Lane, Staff Asst. House Minority, $100
Mobley, Steve, 125 Thistle Way, director Ky. Dept. of Ag., $500
Onan, Krista, 859 Ridgeview Dr., Commonwealth of Ky., $200
Owens, Donnie, 107 Thistle Road, Franklin Co. Schools, $200
Roberts, Bowen, 440 Forest Ridge Dr., retired, $150
Roberts, Jo Carol, 1190 Holt Lane, state worker, $250
Thompson, Ann, 230 Blueridge Dr., retired, $100

Anglin, James, 190 Mt. Zion Road, retired, $100
Harmon, J., 231 Westover Road, retired, $200
Possich, Wallace, 2076 Silver Lake Blvd., Fire Chief, $35
Strosberg, Don, 5140 Devils Hollow Road, consultant, $50

>B.D. WILSON, $17,900
Arnett, Larry, 275 Boone Estates Road, Deputy Commissioner Commonwealth of Ky., $200
Campbell, Lonnie, 760 Colonial Trace, KAOC Asst. Direct., $150
Carter, Donald, 10120 Clifton Road, retired, $200
Everett, James, 206 Glenbrook Court, retired, $500
Gardner, Ron, 385 Big Eddy Road, engineer, $350
Jenkins, Kim, 400 Lindsey Ave., Commonwealth of Ky., $150
May, William, 314 Stonehedge, attorney, $1,000
Moore, Robert, 3905 Leawood Dr, Commonwealth of Ky., $500
Peyton, Stacia, 116 Stonehedge Dr., Deputy Commissioner Commonwealth of Ky., $200
Prelopski, Sandra, 98 Turnberry Dr. #4, retired, $500
Sattwerwhite, Evan, 502 Ninevah Road, Dept. of Natural Resources, $1,000
Seals, Floyd, 901 Tierra Linda Dr., retired, $400
Sullivan, James, 1010 Silver Creek Dr., Capital Partners, $1,000
Sullivan, Terri, 1010 Silver Creek Dr., Terri’s Catering, $600, in-kind
Tanner, Richard, 5320 Sleepy Hollow Dr., KMCA Exec. Direct., $150
Willis, Danny, 964 Johnson Road., realtor, $1,000
Wilson, B.D., 842 Isaac Shelby Circle, candidate, $10,000

More information

The primary election is May 17. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and candidates are required to report all donations of more than $100 - although some choose to report all contributors. Individuals can give a maximum of $1,000 to each candidate per election.

Candidates planning to spend $3,000 or more in an election are required to file financial reports with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance on April 15, May 2, June 16 and July 16.

The State Journal’s report today on individual contributions includes only candidates with opposition in the primary.

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