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A story in Monday’s State Journal should have read that Franklin County High School graduate Erica Mitchell is the first in her immediate family to graduate from high school.

Several extended family members have graduated from high school, and her mother and sister earned GEDs.

>Brittany Lynn Watson was awarded a scholarship based on her academic achievements to Kentucky State University and should have been listed with other scholarship winners in the 2011 graduating class of Franklin County High School.

>The State Journal incorrectly identified architect Jeff Raine in a story Monday as the designer of a canopy and multipurpose on the Steele Street side of King’s Daughters Apartments. Raine designed a canopy and multipurpose room on the Hanna Place side of the property.

Frankfort police
>Clarissa Campbell, 34, 1500 block of Tupelo Trail, told police May 31 someone forged her name on two checks to Kroger for $264 and three checks to Domino’s Pizza for $287.

>Amanda Smith, 31, 600 block of Polsgrove Road, told police June 1 someone broke into her home through a window and stole a washer, dryer, Sanyo 42-inch TV, sterling silver earrings and 25 DVDs, valued at more than $1,000 total.

>Kenneth Gans, 21, 400 block of Harrodswood Drive, told police June 1 someone broke into his residence and stole a Playstation 3 and four video games, valued at more than $550 total.

>Robin Taulbee, 50, 400 block of Hudson Street, told police Saturday someone assaulted her after an argument.

Property transfers
The following are property transfers recorded at the Franklin County Court House. The data was compiled by HMC Associates, Frankfort. The information contains, in the following order: date of document, name of seller, name of buyer, location information and consideration (price). If there was no consideration the transaction will read, “none.”

May 11, Kellie Rector to James Rector, Brianmark Cove, none.
May 11, Master Comm/Wesley Jr. to William and Jewel Durrett, 103 Hollow Creek, $53,000.
May 6, Donald and Kathleen M. Taylor to David K. Taylor, Steele Branch, none; Shadrick Ferry, $18,000.
April 8, Alice K. Hobson estate to Alice W. Hobson et al., Big Eddy, none.
May 10, Nicholas W. Gambill to Aaron M. McKinney, 2742 Sulphur Lick, $107,000.
May 12, R.W. and Wanda J. Morris to Noel and Susan D. Wise, Louisville Road, $25,000.
May 11, Albert B. Kinman to Micki Mays, 19 Glencove, none.
May 11, Micki Mays to Albert B. Kinman, 902 Plaza, Clifty, none.
April 13, Master Comm/Downey to LSF87 NPL VI trust, 361 Wallace, $55,000.
May 16, Lawrence and Lasandra Dulin Jr. to Facing Realty Program et al., 200 Thistlewood, none.
April 13, Master Comm/Carter to HUD, 1154 Devane, $136,667.
April 29, John M. and Kimberly D. Raymer to Sherlon S. and Rosemary E. Simons, 6510 Georgetown, none.
May 12, CRW LLC to Jerad M. Yelland et al., 105 Wisteria, $179,900.
May 13, Bright Star Properties to Michael P. and Julie A. Ayers, 117 Brookfield, $115,000.
May 13, Fernando and Chandra B. Alfaro to Tammy and William C. Jacobs, 428 Powhatan, $135,000.
May 13, Blue Nation Homes to Timothy Bradford et al., 624 Moss, $79,900.
April 28, Federal National Mortgage to Roger D. Roland, 49E Crystalbrook, $33,338.
May 13, Dennis P. and Donna Richards to David Slaughter, 109 Sunset, $110,000.
May 5, Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Michael A. Lynn, 245 Palmer, $120,500.
May 11, Master Comm/McPherron to Timothy W. and Flora J. Casey, 208 Knollwood, $46,500.
May 4, Elizabeth H. Schmitt Lynn to Elizabeth H. Schmitt Lynn, 1306 Devil’s Hollow, none.
May 16, Carolyn L. Clark to Jeramy C. Bennett et al., 139 Locust Ridge, $159,000.
May 12, James Bobbitt Sr. to Nicholas M. and Jessica K. Byers, Shadrick Ferry, $69,000.
May 20, Thelma B. Fincel to John McKaig, 424-428 Steele, $18,000.
May 17, Cindy and Wise Smith to David and Judith Kendall, 114 Cinnamon Teal, $153,500.
May 20, Farmers Bank to Leslie H. and Audrey C. Rogerse, 101 Kensington, $212,900.
May 16, M&G Real Estate to Trivium Frankfort, Versailles Road, $500,000.
May 17 Lloyd D. Gaines Jr. to E.G. Properties, 204 Cherry, none.
May 20, E.G. Properties Inc. to Donna E. Thompson, 107 Kendallwood, $110,500.
May 19, American Founders Bank to Joseph E. Dunn et al., 313 St. Clair, $250,000.
May 20, Melissa Terrell et al. to Leroy and Jennifer Brock Jr., 2019 South Benson, $205,000.
May 20, Owen R. and Sarah J. Pierce to Weidman Brewton Family revocable living trust, 801 Hickory Ridge, $285,000.
May 20, American Founders Loan to Allan Robertson, Georgetown Road, $60,000.
May 24, Ruth A. Loy to Harold O. Loy, 116 Hunters Trace, none.
May 23, Danielle Crosman to Sandra A. and Charles Rolland, 177 Greentree, $65,000.
May 24, CDJ Investments to American Founders Loan, Holmes Street, none.
May 18, Meribeth Gaines to Robert F. and Wilma J. Gaines, 106 Bogie Lee, $180,000.
April 22, Kentucky Housing Corporation to Canoe Kentucky Bluegrass Canoes, 7286 Peaks Mill, $50,000.
May 25, Margaret V.M. Porter estate to Wilbur and Patricia Knapke, 864 Ridgeview, $135,000.
May 24, Jason R. and Allyson W. Bentley to Michael A. and Diana E. Flory, 960 Inverness, $282,000.
May 25, American Founders Bank to Elphidio and Rosario Escobar, 426-428, 438-440, 432-434 Schenkel, $28,000 each.
Feb. 18, Everbank to HUD, 1220 Leathers, none.
May 25, Bradley A. and Felicia L. Penn to E.G. Properties, 121 Purebred, none.
May 26, Thomas C. Shaw to Marshall and Jennifer Banks, Steele Branch, $53,000.
May 16, Master Comm/Hopper to E.G. Properties, 221 W. Todd, $83,375; 324 Capital, $73,370; 699 Cline, $32,683.
May 26, Edgar W. Fullenwider estate to Darvin Sebastian, 551 Hickory Ridge, $70,000.
May 11, Master Comm/Thorobred Investment to Franklin County Property Trust, 855 Louisville Road, $850,000.
May 25,  J.M. Luttrell et al. to Franklin County Sportsman’s Club, Benson Valley, $4,000.
May 27, Roy and Michele Prince to Carla Barnard, 741 Stoneleigh, $215,000.
May 26, Anthony Wiley to Kimberly Wiley, 126 Allnut, none.
May 11, Master Comm/Monday to Lonnie and Kathy Newton, 644 Taylor, $1,000.
May 27, American Founders Loan to Calen Studler Sr., 721 Woodland, $35,000.
May 23, Sherene A. Chavous to Edwin Chavous, 1463 Corral, none.
May 31, David H. and Cynthia B. Vance to Kenneth W. and Phyllis Jordan, 5356 Sleepy Hollow, $250,000.
May 27, Harold D. and Dyan C. Foley Jr. to Katherine A. Barber et al., 117 Cedar Crest, $137,000.
May 27, Bryan M. and Sharon M. Howay to James R. and Sherry M. Lile, 616 Grama, $140,000.
May 31, Paulette M. Childers et al. to Marilyn J. Lebourveau, 417 Winston, $117,50.
May 24, William B. and Jane S. Frye to Jason and Allyson Bentley, 219 Walmac, $430,000.

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