Pharmacist accused of stealing drugs on the job

By Kayleigh Zyskowski Published:

A Frankfort pharmacist has been charged with theft of a controlled substance after he was caught on video under the influence of a stolen pharmacy drug, a prosecutor says.

Micah Cheak, 31, of Nicholasville, was a pharmacist working for Walgreens on the west side of town, says Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Cleveland.

“He stole liquid hyrdocodone from the pharmacy and was using it while on the job there at Walgreens,” Cleveland said.

The jury also indicted Louis Wideman, 24, for burglarizing Capital City Auto in June, Cleveland said. He stole a motor vehicle that he used later that day on a crime spree.

Wideman was previously indicted for robbing a convenience store and person near the Holmes Street bar that day.

The new indictment is related to the car theft and an additional burglary.

Wideman drove the vehicle first to rob the convenience store and then someone near the bar on Holmes Street, Cleveland said.

Then, he burglarized Peddlers Mall the same day.

“He’s on video wearing the same clothing he wore when he burglarized the convenience store,” Cleveland said.

Others indicted during Wednesday’s grand jury include:

>William Monroe, 50, misrepresenting himself to receive benefits over $100.

“He was working for a plumbing business while receiving public assistance,” Cleveland said.

Monroe received about $3,300 in food stamps while he was actively working for the plumbing company between May 2010 to January 2011, Cleveland said.

>Joshua A. Moore, 29, and Timothy Walker, 28, trafficking in a form of oxycodone Feb. 21.

“They sold five Percocets for $150 at $30 each, and sold them to a confidential witness who was working for the state police,” Cleveland said.

>Anthony Davidson, 24, flagrant non-support.
 Davidson was indicted for failing to pay child support that he knew he had to pay, Cleveland said.
“He is in custody at the present time as a result of making methamphetamines, but he had committed this offense of flagrant non support prior to being locked up,” Cleveland said.

>Anthony Hill, 30, operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

Hill has been charged in his fourth DUI offense, Cleveland said.

“He was also driving a motor vehicle while his license was suspended as a result of a DUI conviction, Cleveland said.

“And then for good measure he was also charged with reckless driving for the manner in which he was driving as a result of being impaired.”

This was the result of a traffic stop occurring on Burrow Lane.

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