Man walks away from 25-foot drop

By Kayleigh Zyskowski Published:

When a head-on collision stopped traffic Thursday on Old Lawrenceburg Road, a motorist on his daily commute swerved into a ravine to avoid a second crash.

Dale Brooks, 48, of Lawrenceburg, was driving home from work in Frankfort when he rounded a curve and saw traffic was stopped.

He said drivers were turning around in a nearby driveway, and traffic in both lanes was stopped.

“I had nowhere to go, so off the ravine I went,” Brooks said. “I wasn’t going too fast so I had time to realize no one else should be involved with this.”

His vehicle dropped about 25-30 feet into a creek west of the road, but Brooks walked away from the accident.

“It was a loud crash,” he said Thursday. “That seatbelt is what saved me. If not, I would have been all over that car. I feel fine now, but I’ll probably be sore in the morning.”

The wreck that caused traffic to back up occurred less than a mile south of where Brooks dropped into the creek.

Ryan Walker, 21, of Frankfort, was southbound on Old Lawrenceburg Road – also KY 420 – when he slid on the wet pavement less than 2 miles south of the East-West Connector around 3:30 p.m.

“When he entered the curve, he slid into the oncoming traffic,” said Deputy Russ Persons of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Martha Morrison, 60, of Frankfort, the driver of the vehicle that was struck, was transported to Frankfort Regional Medical Center with possible neck injuries.

She was released from the medical center sometime before 8 a.m. today.

Walker was not transported for medical attention, but he was scraped a few times, Persons said.

Persons said the wet pavement could have caused Walker’s vehicle to slide.

“Those tires are pretty bald too,” he said. “Anytime we get even a light rain it makes things dangerous through here.”


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