News of record: Frankfort Police, Property transfers


Frankfort Police

>A theft was reported on Schenkel Lane around 9:25 a.m. Friday.

>A burglary in progress was reported on Holmes Street around 3:35 p.m. Friday.

>A shoplifter was cited at Walmart Supercenter on Leonardwood Drive around 10 p.m. Friday.

>A shoplifter was arrested at Walmart Supercenter on Leonardwood Drive around 12:40 a.m. Saturday.

>An assault was reported at The Brick Alley on St. Clair Street around 8:25 a.m. Saturday. 

>A burglary was reported on Fifth Avenue around 1:45 p.m. Saturday.

>A theft was reported at Kroger on Lawrenceburg Road around 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

>A burglary was reported at East Side Diner on East Main Street around 11:50 a.m. Sunday.

>A theft was reported on First Avenue around 4:25 a.m. Monday.

>A theft was reported on Montclair Road around 9:50 a.m. Monday.

>An assault was reported on Beaumont Avenue around 3 p.m. Monday.

>A burglary was reported on East Fourth Street around 5:40 p.m. Monday.

>A burglary in progress was reported on Swigert Avenue around 7:45 p.m. Monday.

Property transfers

The following are property transfers recorded at the Franklin County Court House. The data was compiled by HMC Associates, Frankfort. The information contains, in the following order: date of document, name of seller, name of buyer, location information and consideration (price). If there was no consideration the transaction will read, “none.”

Jan. 31, Kenneth A. and Daphne M. Hopkins to Patricia Bates, 1114 Meadow Glen, $122,000.

Feb. 1, Jackson M. and Eileen G. Bray Jr. to Bray Properties of Kentucky, 616, 663 E. Main, none.

Jan. 30, H.G. Mays Corporation to P&L Properties of Kentucky, 45 Ashwood Court, $400,000.

Jan. 25, Jennifer A. Rosell to Robert A. Greenly, 121 White Cliffs, none.

Feb. 3, Ray and Beverly C. Peach to Rodney Lee, 848-850 Kentucky, $26,400.

Jan. 31, Federal National Mortgage to Clement and Ruby J. Greenwell, 712 Cline, $17,900.

Jan. 1, Forever Communications to CapCity Communications, 117 W. Main, $105,000; St. John’s Road, $60,000.

Jan. 31, Barbara S. and Norman D. Kirk to Tracy M. and Crystal G. Phillips, 40 Carla Court, $121,000.

Jan. 31, Will and Lee A. Graham to Jack P. and Jean K. Korengel, 847 Ridgeview, $197,625.

Jan. 31, Jimmie C. Lonkard to Natalie R. Highley, 104 Chapman, none.

Feb. 2, Shirley A. Hellard to Paul Hellard, 2751 Ninevah Road, none.

Jan. 27, Michael S. Otto to Alma A. Otto, KY 151, none.

Jan. 17, W.M. Specialty Mortgage to Pierre Green, 200 Missouri, $24,000.

Feb. 8, Sharon M. Botkins to John S. Witt, 18 Sheffield, $229,900.

Feb. 7, Shirley M. and Marjorie J. Sudduth Living to Glen M. Sudduth, 114 Pinehurst, $66,000.

Nov. 28, Master Comm/Moseley to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 1651 Highview Circle, $83,334.

Feb. 7, Angela M. Hall to Robert L. Hebble et al., 109-111 Lee Court, $105,000.

Aug. 22, Master Comm/Gayhart to Wells Fargo Bank, 727 Botkins, $240,390.

Jan. 31, Kalem and Mona Juett to Jacqueline E. Korengel ete al., 114 Paddock, $191,50.

Jan. 27, Robert D. Welch to Bobbi D. Welch, 116 Mallard, none.

Feb. 9, Nicholas C. and Barbara Bentley to Rick’s White Light Diner, 114 Bridge, none.

Feb. 10, First Church of Christ Scientist to St. Peters Anglican Church, 121 E. Todd, $380,000.

Feb. 10, Jeff Arnett et al. to Larry and Mary Arnett, Mount Zion Road, none.

Feb. 13, Lisa H. and Adam J. Ortiz to James T. Harmon III, U.S. 127 south, $85,000.

Feb. 13, James T. and Donna W. Harmon III to Lisa D. and Adam J. Ortiz, 231 Westover, $175,000.

Jan. 3, Cindy K. Mitchell to William B. Mitchell, Tracy Lane, none.

Feb. 13, David Smalley to Kellie N. Shelton, Sheep Pen Road, $10,000.

Feb. 13, Angelique N. Chrisman to Angelique Chrisman guardian, 104 South Creek, $230,000.

Feb. 15, Dawn Childress to Dwayne Childress, 110 Shallowbrook, none.

Feb. 9, Jeffrey and Brenda Taylor to Dwayne Fitzgerald, Holt Lane, none.

Feb. 7, Tripointe Business Center to Tripointe Business Center et al., none.

Feb. 16, Ben G. Willhoite Jr. estate to Eugene and Virginia L. Coubert, 221 Holmes St., $26,400.

Feb. 14, HUD to Cheryl Marshall, 105 Ravenwood, $43,000; Rebecca and John E. Shryock, 1160 St. John’s Road, $10,000; Jessica Wood, 547 Steel Branch Road, $25,000; Morgan B. Brothers, 112 Muirfield, $90,000.

Feb. 15, Helen T. Metts to Donna Hockensmith, Shadrick Ferry, $159,000.

Feb. 16, Cathy A. Cunningham to Robert A. Bickers, 427 Holmes, $53,000.

Feb. 13, Gary N. Clatos to Tabitha Clatos, 720 Taylor Branch, none.

Dec. 28, Master Comm/Two O Third Aventura to Leestown Square, 100-200 Fair Oaks, $16.9 million.

Feb. 17, Jennifer A. and Brian T. Bingham to Kellynn L. Bates, 429 Briarpatch, $110,000.

Feb. 20, Guy A. and Tina L. Huenecke to Randall S. Bradley, 121 Portsmouth, $337,500.

Feb. 17, William L. Stewart to Stephen M. and Barbara K. Vest, 1001 Silver Creek, $195,000.

Feb. 20, Day Rentals Inc. to Day Rentals LLC, 710 Timothy, none.

Feb. 16, L&M Investments to Glenn E. McCann, 634 Taylor, none.

Feb. 16, Sherry L. and Kevin Hisel to Chad Buffin, 2051 Hampstead, $172,000.

Feb. 21, Trivium Frankfort LLC to Tractor Supply, 111 Arrowhead, $2,995,000.

Feb. 22, Amanda L. Clark to Sterling E. Tracey, 337 Westland, $85,000.

Sept. 7, Master Comm/Riley to HUD, 124 Lincoln, $43,334.

Feb. 18, Maria T. Cook estate to Matthew W. Kincaid, 47D Crystalbrook, $7,180.


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