UPDATE: 66-year-old man injured during home invasion

Report says woman and her son wanted a fight

State Journal Staff Report Published:

A 66-year-old man was injured after a man wielding a gun broke into his home and knocked him to the ground, according to a release by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Jamar E. Rancher, 21 – who showed up at the home with his mother, Maggie Rancher – allegedly kicked in the door at 5142 Georgetown Road Lot 51 Saturday and knocked Odell Farler to the ground, the release says.

Farler may have broken his hip.

Jamar Rancher also destroyed property in the home, waved a gun and threatened to kill everyone inside, the release said.

Rancher also assaulted Farler’s grandson, Jason Dean, during the incident, according to the news release.

Dean told the sheriff’s office that Maggie Rancher gave him $35 to steal a TV from Walmart.

He said he called Maggie Rancher back and said he couldn’t do it and would return her money the next day. About an hour later, Maggie Rancher and her son came to Farler’s door looking for Dean, according to the release.

Farler’s granddaughter, Destiny Farler, said that during the incident, Maggie Rancher broke the windows of Farler’s van with a hammer.

Melton said Maggie Rancher may be charged but isn’t yet because the incident didn’t occur in an officer’s presence.

“The deputy’s still doing the investigation on it, so I don’t know if he will take out a warrant or summons on her or if she’ll be indicted for conspiracy with her son,” Melton told The State Journal.

Jamar Rancher faces charges of second-degree burglary, second-degree assault and second-degree terroristic threatening. He’s in Franklin County Regional Jail on a $50,000 cash bond.

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  • u got it all wrong the $35.00 was to buy a perc 30 with, so he bought himself one and not the woman that gave him the money to buy Her one. Make sence now?

  • rky84, That didn't make any sense to me also. They were witnesses & hard evidence of this woman committing a felony. What gives. People are arrested for misdemeanors all the time that didn't commit their crimes in front of an officer. How does a cop arrest any shoplifters or whatnots. Guarantee if a woman says that a man slapped her, they wouldn't say they can't arrest a man because the officer didn't witness it! Not trying to stir the pot but The law & courts are partial towards women around here.

  • "Melton said Maggie Rancher may be charged but isn’t yet because the incident didn’t occur in an officer’s presence." So? Did Jamar E. Rancher commit all of HIS acts in an officer's presence?

  • Nobody is safe when innocent bystanders are are shot or assaulted by crazed thugs. In one week, two innocent grandparents are injured, one critical from gunshot to the head & another requiring a couple of surgeries for a broken hip & both of these grandparents were in their own home! People are injured at walmart or anywheres else they go because shady people are everwheres. 1713, I am glad that you feel secure but don't let your guard down because you live right. It isn't as safe as you think. With the exception of a couple of drug dealers, nobody is getting any REAL TIME for the dangerous crimes that they commit & crimes like this will only be getting more & more common.

  • Rednecks behaving badly. Look, nothing really is "going on in Frankfort"...it is going on in redneck's houses where shady theft-for-money deals are made. Don't blame Frankfort for this stuff. If you don't want to see the Enforcer kicking at your door, don't make deals to steal that you can't keep. I'd say that 99.99% of us are safe. The rest, not so much...

  • That's good to know!

  • I figure it is easy to steal something at Wal-Mart. I once bought a video game for my son, and the cashier forgot to scan the security sticker. Of course, when I exited, the alarm went off. The greeter was missing from the doorway, so I walked to the other doorway and the greeter was missing there, too. I then took the item to the U-Scan cashier and she told me to just go ahead and leave without even checking my receipt, that they don't pay attention to the alarm anyway.

  • Why wasn't the hammer weilding mom arrested also. All of this for $35.00. This man will get a sweet plea deal like all the others have recently.

  • Lucky you pulled that $hiT at their house if you broke in to my house they would be measuring you for a casket!

  • What in the world is going on in Frankfort? Home invasion over $35.00? This is crazy. Is it that easy to steal a TV from Wal-Mart that you can pay someone $35.00 to get one?