Surveillance tape catches man choking girlfriend

Prosecutor says it’s not the 1st time boyfriend was abusive

By Lindsey Erdody Published:

After getting angry with his girlfriend and hurting her on two occasions, a man is being charged with second-degree assault and first-degree wanton endangerment, a prosecutor says.

In March, Daniel Hano, 37, of Frankfort, got angry with his girlfriend, choked her and broke her jaw, Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Cleveland said.

“For one reason or another they remained together, which is a common thing for victims of domestic violence,” Cleveland said. “They find it hard to break away from their abusers.”

In June, video surveillance in a Frankfort park ing garage captured Hano in another choking incident.

“He is seen on the video choking her with some force,” Cleveland said. “It’s troubling.”

Hano was indicted by the Franklin County grand jury Wednesday for second-degree assault and first-degree wanton endangerment.

Also indicted was Morgan Wood, 22, for first-degree wanton endangerment.

On July 21, Wood, a local corrections officer, fired three shots outside his home and went in the house and fired four shots through the living room window, Cleveland said.

Wood’s wife and 9-month-old baby were nearby in the house, Cleveland said.

Wood appeared in Franklin District Court on July 31, facing first-degree wanton endangerment and fourth-degree assault charges. His wife told the court she never felt she was in danger and requested to drop the assault charges.

Franklin County Attorney Rick Sparks dropped the assault charge, and Wood was released from Woodford County Detention Center later that day.

Also indicted Wednesday were:

>Jessie Mullins, 48, of Frankfort, for driving a motor vehicle with a license suspended for DUI and for being a persistent felony offender.

Mullins was previously charged with first-degree possession of a controlled substance in June 2008.

>Nita Kanatzer, 22, Robert Wilson, 37, and Virgil Crawford Jr., 33, for receiving stolen property.

Cleveland said the trio stole metal from a Hotwork warehouse in Lexington and sold it to Taylor Recycling in Frankfort.

Surveillance cameras caught Kanatzer at Taylor Recycling, and employees identified Wilson and Crawford from a lineup, he said.

>Zachary Rice, 19, of Frankfort, for trafficking in less than 8 ounces of marijuana and first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance.

Cleveland said Rice sold $320 worth of marijuana Aug. 28 to a confidential witness. On Aug. 30, Frankfort Police arranged a purchase of oxycodone with Rice.

“Mr. Rice shows up to make the oxycodone sale and there are the police,” Cleveland said.

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  • OMG< the corrections officer beats his wife, shoots his gun all over the house, they charge his wife with wanton endangerment, have him choking her on video and still drop the charges? What is wrong with KY?

  • Good advise Hugh. Ukfan, I have been on the opposite end But I stayed for all the wrong reasons also. Nobody ever changes from being an abuser, liar, cheater ect. They certainly do not OUT GROW it as was in my case. Males have a tough time also & faces a few different obstacles than females but when it comes to actually getting the **** beat out of you, women doesn't fare well & I know that. I also know that they are several different agencies that help women out but some will rather stay in an abusive situation & tolerate it rather then to change their lifestyles. Basically using the man for his earnings which I think is pretty bad also (works both ways). I realize that some women doesn't have the family or friends to support them & will stay in the situation. A lot of it is because of the embarrassment & fear that others will think that they are failures. It's not the NINETEEN HUNDREDS anymore. I'm not going to say PLENTY but They are lots of help

  • When someone is choking you from the front, smash their elbows together as hard as you can. If they have a good grip, their elbows will break. If not, it will force their hands apart and they will lose their hold on you...Self Defense 101

  • Bet your a$$ I am sensitive.....but I didn't go back to the abuser...that's just plain stupid....but until you are on the receiving end of abuse from someone that you love it is hard for you to understand. You start to think what have I done to deserve this? Some of these women are very dependent on these miserable creatures. They feel that they have no other choice than to stay with them. I fully understood what Fake's still disgusting. Nothing funny about this at all.

  • Actually, FakeNickname was only refering to how lots of victims keeps going back to their abusers. Ukfan, your past has evidently made you sensitive.

  • Sadly ukfan, it's probably closer to the truth than we would like to think...

  • Fake....having been a victim of abuse before I find your humor disgusting.

  • I bet he told her after the second incident "Don't make me tell you a third time!"