Kids become doctors for a day

Science lesson might also ease their anxiety on checkup day

By Katheran Wasson Published:

Going to the doctor can be a scary for children, so Capital Day School kindergarten teacher Amber Logan planned a lesson to get them a little more comfortable – and teach them about science in the process.

Dr. Matt Bucher of Capital Family Physicians visited the classroom Friday to show the kids his supplies: a stethoscope, tongue depressors, bandages, cotton balls, gloves and an otoscope (that handheld flashlight used for peering into ears and eyes).

They passed the items around and tried them out on “patients” of their own, a bevy of baby dolls dotted with red stickers to represent rashes and stick-on notes to show fevers.

The kids jotted down what they found and planned a course of treatment.

They weighed their patients on a bathroom scale, measured their height with a tape measure, took their temperatures, stuck bandages on their arms and even administered a few shots.

Logan said she wanted her students to grow more familiar with what might happen when they visit the doctor. The class has been learning about how to stay healthy, and regular checkups and shots are part of that, she said.

Flu shots, in particular, scare the kids each fall, she said.

“Anything we can do to make them more familiar with the tools should help ease their anxiety.”

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