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The following are property transfers recorded at the Franklin County Court House. The data was compiled by HMC Associates, Frankfort. The information contains, in the following order: date of document, name of seller, name of buyer, location information and consideration (price). If there was no consideration the transaction will read, “none.”

Aug. 21, Bonnie J. Thornton to Bonnie J. Thornton et al., 412 Comanche, none.

April 23, Master Comm/White to Federal National Mortgage, 200 Lily, $76,667.

May 29, Master Comm/Moore to Federal National Mortgage, $52,000.

March 26, Master Comm/Stamper to HUD, 2030 Mount Zion Road, $95,000.

Aug. 20, JPMorgan Chase Bank to Rickey E. and Sandra A. Whisman, 111 Strawberry Lane, $45,000.

Aug. 16, Eva I. Whisman to Jessica D. and Ryan L. Tingle, 504 Comanche, $109,000.

Aug. 22, Owen W. Reynolds estate to Betty J. Jacobs, 1057 River Bend, $95,000.

Aug. 16, Nina M. Johnson to Aaron S. Johnson, 811 Forrest, none.

Aug. 9, Donald R. and Eleanor M. Beck et al. to Daniel Kanner, 191-197 Woodgate, $106,708; 420 Harrodsburg Lane, $127,879; 192-198 Woodgate, $119,287; 108 Carey, $110,738.

Aug. 21, HUD to Paula Arnold, 5632 Owenton Road, $27,700.

Aug. 10, Anayasi Gomez to Robert McDonald, 102 Buttimer, 769 Hillcrest, none.

Aug. 22, Jeremy Artigue to Meredeith Artigue, 119 Meredith, none.

Aug. 21, Jared R. Hack to Andrew and Amberly Lee, 110 Crow, $129,900.

Aug. 23, MO Holdings to John Meyer, 113 Locust Hill, $150,500.

Aug. 24, Zachary L. and Anna H. Hall to Geraldy B. Fallis et al., 105 Buena Vista, $250,000.

Aug. 15, Kenneth N. and Margaret E. Blankenship to Gus Goldsmith, 302 Harp, $83,000.

Aug. 24, Jason Hyatt to Travis D. and Brenda K. Manning, 236 Palmer, $128,500.

Aug. 21, R.G. and Kathy Vance to Marilyn N. Milburn, 13 Justice Lane, none.

Aug. 22, Joan M. Ericson to Autumn N. Stacy et al., 1640 Highview Circle, $109,900.

Aug. 24, Derita R. Ratcliffe to Allison R. Brown et al., 105 Locust Ridge, $195,500.

Aug. 23, Shannon Gabbard to Jordan Luttrell, 107 Mallard, none.

Aug. 27, Brenda G. Lyen to Mary Debold, 765 Glenns Creek, none.

Aug. 23 HUD to Yolanda G. Gargala, 3705 Union Ridge, $29,300.

Aug. 28, Dyan C. Foley to Harold D. Foley Jr., 1995 Green Wilson Road, none.

Aug. 24, Donald P. and Susan Marshall to Raynham T. Heard estate, Steele Branch Road, $45,000.

Aug. 27, Ernie M. and Barbara F. Hanna to Hanna family trust, 2501 Georgetown Road, none.

Aug. 27, Leestown Square to Buffalo Trace Distillery, 100-200 Fair Oaks, $18.8 million.

Aug. 24, Gerald B. and Laura N. Fallis to Alan M. Ramos Jr., 240 Palmer, $129,900.

Aug. 28, Harold O. Loy to Matthew R. Brumfield, 19B Crystalbrook, $51,000.

Aug. 28, Terrence A. and Marsha L. Orr to Mark T. Clements, 445 Forest Ridge, $220,000.

Aug. 29, Mary H. Walker to Marie T. Rayborn, Stoney Creek Road, $160,000.

May 29, Master Comm/Pitzer to HUD, 154 Hillview, $63,334.

July 16, George B. Hanrahan Jr. to Susan H. and Michael W. McCain Sr., 117 Ringo, none.

Aug. 28, GGE Properties to Albert J. and Lela D. Ariaz, 303 Ridgewood, $138,000.

Aug. 27, Sharon A. Partee to Martha E. Hagan et al., 207 Lyons, none.

Aug. 30, Ernest L. and Glenna A. Fletcher to Merril D. Flanary et al., 3055 Shadrick Ferry, $400,000.

Aug. 21, Shaker Hill Properties to DDP Properties, 526 Shelby, $30,000.

May 29, Master Comm/Ogden to Bank of New York Mellon Trust, 874 Kentucky, $40,000.

Aug. 23, Ricky L. Wentworth et al. to ABRW, 248 Lebanon Road, none.

April 2, Master Comm/Arnold to Thad and Stephanie West, Crescent Avenue, $340,000.

Aug. 30, Reba and Paul R. Scott to Sheree A. McDonald, 604 Alfa, $130,000.

Aug. 31, Jason and Margaret A. Hazelett to Erick and Fabiola Carrillo, 108 Bracken, $130,000.

Aug. 30, Donn and Joan Adrian living trust to Jerry T. and Lisa R. Graves, Glenns Creek, none.

Aug. 31, Suzanne Parker to Kentucky Trust for Historic Preservation, 412-414 Murray, $5,372.

Aug. 31, Kentucky Trust for Historic Preservation to Philip Lee, 412-414 Murray, $5,500.

Aug. 31, Meyer Schneider to Lawrence S. Blevins et al., 1036 Seminole, $130,000.

Aug. 31, Cathy L. Bennett to Curtis L. Bennett, 9042 Owenton Road, none.

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