Board members like progress of Judicial Center

Sneak peek included tours of 3 floors

By Lindsey Erdody Published:

Four months ago, the Franklin County Project Development Board toured the new Franklin County Judicial Center, and members were amazed by the size, just seeing steel beams and outlines of rooms.

Monday, the board got another sneak peek inside the building. This time they saw finished drywall and Kentucky limestone exterior walls and got a better picture of what the rooms will look like.

Codell Construction manager Bill Bridges and architect Rick Kremer guided the group through the parking garage for judges, the clerk and prosecutors, around the first floor and up through the second and third floors.

The estimated 98,000 square-foot project includes six courtrooms total, with three on the second floor and three on the third floor.

The judges, prisoners and public will all have separate entrances into each of the courtrooms, providing more security for the building, Kremer said.

“They never see each other until they’re in this room,” Kremer said.

Judge-Executive Ted Collins said it’s a big change.

“There have been times when the prosecutors, the judges and the prisoners were all on the same elevator at the same time,” Collins said.

Bridges said the drywall is done on the third floor and primer will start going up next week. The second floor is also close to being ready for paint.

The group spent more than an hour in the building, looking at all of the rooms and admiring the views certain rooms will have. They also toured parts of the outside to view the stone that’s been put in place during the last four months.

Bridges explained that lighting fixtures will be built into the stone alongside the back of the building.

“Believe me, with the stone and everything at night, you turn all this on, it better look nice,” Bridges said.

Kremer also pointed out the water tank that will be below the front plaza. Rainwater from the top of the building will drain into it, and the water will be used to irrigate the plants and trees in the plaza, Kremer said.

“So we don’t have to spend money bringing in water,” he said.

Also at the meeting Monday, the board approved a change order of $2,880.82 for a support fixture and an invoice totaling $570,755.23 to pay Codell Construction, the architect, Thelen Associates, Franklin County Fiscal Court reimbursements and purchased materials.

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  • I see Owen County offices have moved into their new courthouse. Very nice! I hope our looks good, too.