Former football star faces felony charges

Deputies were staking out drug deal when chase started

By Lindsey Erdody Published:

A former Franklin County High School and Kentucky State University football star who fled from Franklin County sheriff’s deputies Sept. 5 is now charged with felony offenses.

Anthony “Roni” Robinson, 33, was indicted by a Franklin County grand jury Wednesday for first-degree fleeing or evading police, speeding 26 mph over the limit, reckless driving, two counts of first-degree wanton endangerment, second-degree disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Cleveland said deputies had information about a drug deal that was supposed to occur and were waiting for it when Robinson pulled up.

“Roni Robinson drives up, sees the police car nearby and suddenly takes off,” Cleveland said.

Deputies chased him with their sirens on, but Robinson allegedly continued to drive, reaching speeds as high as 96 mph and running cars off the road.

During the pursuit on Owenton Road, deputies reached speeds of about 110 mph. Once Robinson stopped, deputies arrested him.

Robinson is known for his athletic career in football and basketball for FCHS. After he graduated 1997, he was convicted of armed robbery in Montgomery County in 1998 and spent 50 months in prison.

After being released, he enrolled at KSU and joined the football team in 2003 after six years away from competitive football. During his senior year, he averaged 101 yards per game and 5.5 yards per carry as a running back.

Robinson was also convicted of third-degree trespassing in 1997 and other traffic violations from 2008-2010, including failure to wear a seat belt, failure to maintain required insurance and failure to illuminate headlights.

After leaving KSU, he joined the Frankfort-based semi-pro football team Capital City Wardogs.

In 2011, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Frankfort Youth Football League.

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  • Speedracer: You don't read so good. That is not what I said at all, and you know it. What I said was that there are plenty of good reasons why black men are very, very afraid of white cops. 'Nuff said. What I also said was that after 40 years of this failed Drug War, that the police have lost their way. They seem to no longer be able to tell what are the real threats to public safety and what are the imagined ones. In this instance, the real threat was not that Roni Robinson was going to get away, as that was an impossibility. The real threat to public safety was the high speed chase, where innocents could have been killed. The police have lost their way...

  • 1713 is right whitey cops are only going after black men. So I say to the white cops, you are only allowed to arrest white people and that's it. White guilt is and should be everywhere. If a cop turns his lights on while behind you, no need to stop, just speed away. Unless you are caught holding a shotgun while committing a robbery, then you should stop but if the coppers don't see you commit the robbery or drug deal, speed away. The cops can't pull you over then.

  • 810, who says that Roni was there to sell drugs? If he had had drugs in the car to sell, he would have been charged with it. Driving by a site where there is a drug deal supposed to go down is not a crime. The crimes didn't start occurring until the police started chasing him. It is not unusual for a black man to freak out when he is being chased by white police officers, and run for their lives. It has been going on for centuries. ................................................................................................................................................................................................ Speedracer, you don't have to have a grudge with the police to be able to recognize the insanity of this action. This was a case of testosterone poisoning and it could have gotten some innocent people seriously killed. The police acted as if this was some kind of video game. It was entirely avoidable and officers should be trained accordingly.

  • Borden, I've noticed you comment negatively on every article that is written about the Sheriffs Dept. do you have a grudge against them? Did they arrest someone close to you? In this case a career criminal was arrested. I do know every deputy does go through the same training as every every city police officer. They go to the Law Enforcement Academy at EKU.

  • Nobody. I Didn't say that. I will say that he hasn't ran anybody off the road until now & who is it to say That Roni was the one that ran them off? You do know that any lives or injuries that a persuing deputy causes, the person fleeing will get the credit/blame/charged for it? The police has known Roni the thug Robinson forever & he can't hide for long. Roni seen them & drove off. No crimes were commited till the police gave chase & once a driver OR DEPUTY starts running cars off the road, they should had backed off. A ...*%#$@*^& sack of dope aint worth KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE over. What you or anybody else seems to not get is NO CRIMES WERE COMMITED until the deputys gave chase! I agree that a crime may have been commited if this thug hadn't seen the police but the fact is the deputys were acting on a tip that a crime may occure & created a deadly situation because that SUPPOSE CRIME DID NOT OCCURE........... Look, I don't like that thug Roni anymore than I would like cancer & I am most certainly not taking up for him. What I am saying is this THUG isn't worth getting innocent people like my or your family members killed overs. Screw it, catch him another day. I am very prejudice towards SHERIFF DEPUTYS because the only qualifications to be one is who you know & how much did they give you. ............. Under Steve Clark, I seen a deputy who had to tip the scales at close to 400 lbs. I am not putting this deputy down but for crist sakes if it takes the material to make a uniform that a king size bed would need to make a blanket for THEN THE TAXPAYERS WERE ROBBED! . Plain & simple. I am just telling it like it really is. I am sure that a lot of citizens knows a few of the deputys & will take offence but until the day comes that a deputy can walk into any other police organization & get a job being a cop based on the same same standards that that all other policemen has to do, then they should not be packing a badge & less alone a gun.............. Now tell me, What crime did Roni commit to make the police give chase & was it worth running innocent people off the road & putting their lives in danger. Here is another off subject but pertains to the sherrifs department. How many deaths or injuries that has happened in the last oh say twenty years or so that is related to the sherrifs department C.I's & how many has happened with the Frankfort city police & the Kentucky state police? Why is there a difference?..... You see, I personally knew one guy that was BRUTALLY MURDERED over a deputy who didn't protect or warn his C.I. that a motion of discovery was given to the accused. I personally knew that deputy & he was about as egotistic as they come & had no business being a cop. I also Blame TED Collins Chris Pettits death and for putting his neighbors & family & friends in uniforms. Before anybody criticize me, I've had three members of my rather close family that has been a deputy sherrif. I know how some are & were. It is what it is & that is Deputy Sherrifs needs to & should have the same training as all other legit policemens has to. They knew that a deal would possibly go down & should have expected this scenario & had a helicopter waiting just in case. .........I will say this also. That heroin dealer that sherrif Melton brags about catching on his facebook page, They all were very STUPID & put a lot of innocent shoppers at risk by going to Elder Bermens (spelling) & arresting a dealer there. What were they thinking? Or should had thought? Why didn't they just place deputys nearby & allow him to at least get in his car before trying to TAKE DOWN! ( as sherrif Melton likes to say it) instead of a department store......... One of these days, somebody just might pull out a gun & start shooting. That was the last place that sherrif Melton & his deputys or DETECTIVES (once again, fancy name) should had attempted to arrest a dangerous man (Meltons own words). I could go on but will not & I will say this. WE DO HAVE SOME GREAT DEPUTYS, GREAT PEOPLE. I cannot say that about all of them

  • @Bodeen and who says Robinson wouldn't have run someone off the road fleeing the police if they didn't chase?

  • anonymous_810, Lets just say that I'm glad that it wasn't mine or your family members that they were running off the road that day or heck, who knows, you probally might think differently. Common sense was lacking, SEVERLY!

  • Don't blame the sheriff's office for this. In order to charge someone for drugs you have to catch them in the act. You can't just go to the persons house and preempt the transaction. Nor can you let him drive off and patiently wait him out at home.

  • 1713 I'm glad somebody else noticed the stupidity also. You are right in that the Deputys knew who this man was & where he lives & yet they were going to get him at all costs, to **** with innocent lives. I haven't heard yet if any drugs were actually found. He hasn't been charged with a drug crime yet. Pat Melton, is this the way your deputys are trained?

  • Was arresting this guy for some petty offense at that moment really worth risking the lives of innocent people in a high speed chase where people were being run off of the road? The police knew who he was and where he lived. What if a family had been killed in this ridiculous display of testosterone poisoning?