KSU quarterback charged with groping maid

He was arrested prior to Saturday's game

Staff and Wire Report Published:

CHICAGO — A misdemeanor battery charge was filed against a Kentucky State University quarterback accused of groping a housekeeper at a Chicago hotel.

Martez James was arrested prior to Saturday’s Chicago Football Classic, where his team played Albany State University at Soldier Field, a game won by the Golden Rams.

Chicago Police spokesman Officer Daniel O’Brien says the 22-year-old senior was released prior to the game, but his mother, Rita James, says her son wasn’t allowed to play.

The police report indicates James entered a room where the housekeeper was working and rubbed his body against hers. The woman notified hotel staff and police.

Rita James told the Chicago Tribune she would “put my life on it that’s she’s lying.”

James was issued a personal recognizance bond before being released from custody, the newspaper reported. He is scheduled for a court appearance Nov. 15.

Thorobreds head coach Wayne Dickens could not be reached for comment Tuesday morning. The football team’s website says James is from Detroit, Mich.

KSU spokeswoman Felicia Lewis told The State Journal that the university had no comment, but she released a written statement about the incident.

“The university is aware of allegations made against Mr. Martez James and is currently investigating the matter,” the statement said.

“We have no further comments at this time as the investigation is pending. Mr. James remains a member of Kentucky State University’s football team.”

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  • No 1713 I'm not a man.... Women and men lie... period, really don't have to have a reason or motive. I don't automatically agree with women because I am a woman. I work with people everyday, I've had dealings with this type of situation, and somethings odd about the entire thing.

  • And 350, you did say that the woman was a liar. Lemmee guess, and I am going way out on a limb here, you are a male, right?

  • It is a he said she said situation, and frankly, that is probably why James pressed the situation like he did. but if I was the judge, I would be thinking, "What possible incentive could this woman have had to lie about this kid that she didn't know?" The obvious answer is that there really isn't any reason for her to lie about it, since she knew what the response was going to be against her character. There ALWAYS is. Was she simply supposed to ignore the groping?

  • Here's the story 350. As you can tell (probally not) I didn not make anything up or add to it like you did with your first post. Copy & paste the link. ........... http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-10-01/news/chi-cops-kentucky-state-qb-charged-with-groping-hotel-housekeeper-20121001_1_hotel-room-football-game-housekeeper

  • The ORIGINAL STORY said that he TWICE went into a room that she was working in. Five minutes apart. I never said he was guilty but said it isn't a good idea to go into another room where a maid is cleaning, TWICE. Also, the original story or this story did not mention that he asked her to exscuse him while he walks by? So who is adding to the story 350? You all but guarenteed that the victim is lying & gave a different scenario then what was reported.

  • I'm not labeling this woman a liar, however, I don't alway assume the man is guilty. The story is fishy to me and not everyone has financial incentive. But let's say she does. Incentive can also come from the establishment that she works for. There are always ways for people to get money. But back to the story. What reason would he have to "grope" this housekeeper? The story is one sided and poorly written. As far as Kobe....it would take too long, all involved in that story had issues and some level of wrongdoing. Stories that are short sided try a person before they have had a change to tell their side. I personally don't believe it. Now, if evidence comes that says otherwise, I will go with my feelings based on that. I believe that there are a lot of people who falsely accuse people of things for whatever foolish reason, thus making it difficult to believe those who truly have been assaulted. Being arrested and accused does not make you guilty and being the accuser does not automatically make you innocent or victimized.

  • Why would any of you automatically assume this woman fabricated the situation? It's NOT like he's Kobe Bryant. She has no financial incentive (although I also belive the victim in the Bryant case). She's a housekeeper in a hotel that may have been assaulted. Stop automatically branding her as a liar.

  • Bodeen, I don't see where it said it was "someone elses" room. He walked into the room where the housekeeper was cleaning. I've walked into my hotel room and the housekeeper was cleaning... don't put extra information in the story to validate comments and try this young man before the truth comes out.

  • AND ASK HER TO EXSCUSE YOU WHILE YOU WALK BY. If he told his mom that & she believed him (of course, shes his mom) but for surely she has to wonder why he was in a room that she was cleaning. Setups happens all the time but usually it involve a good payday.

  • Probally not a good Idea to follow a maid into a room that doesn't belong to you & her to exscuse you while you walk by. Security cameras would shed light on if he actually (Twice) went into the room that she was cleaning...... Steve, doesn't have to be American, he's a male & Jocks will do stupid stuff because they get by with doing stupid stuff all the time.

  • This is a lie if I've ever heard one. I don't know this kid at all and this stinks of dishonesty. I'd sue the housekeeper. I can promise you some thing as simple as needing to get by her and he says pardon me and walks past her. Modern day wreckless eyeballing. Garbage story!

  • Who the heck does he think he is, Kobe Bryant or somebody?

  • "A quarterback isn’t thinking of anything but his game"?? Apparently, she's never thought like a red-blooded American male.