Animal abuser can’t be around any animals for 2 years

He must also pay for care of animals taken from his home

By Lindsey Erdody Published:

As part of his animal cruelty guilty plea Tuesday, William Coy, 48, relinquished his rights to the animals taken from his St. Johns Road farm, and he can’t own any animals for two years.

“If it breathes, you can’t own it,” Franklin District Court Judge Kathy Mangeot said to Coy during court Tuesday. “And you understand that?”

“Yes,” Coy replied after pleading guilty to second-degree animal cruelty.

On Aug. 17, 23 animals were seized from the St. Johns Road property he owns with his wife, Sandra Coy, who remains in jail on a $46,000 bond.

William Coy agreed to relinquish all of his rights to the animals that were taken by officials, including dogs, a horse, llamas, goats and pigs. By doing this, he also surrendered his ownership to any babies the animals could have.

Mangeot sentenced him to two years of probation, during which he can’t have any animals in his possession.

He will also most likely have to pay thousands in restitution fees to the Franklin County Humane Society for caring for the animals while he maintained ownership but was in jail.

During William Coy’s last court appearance Sept. 25, Franklin County Attorney Rick Sparks said more than $8,600 has been spent caring for the seized animals since the Coys were arrested.

William Coy spent more than 50 days in jail on a $46,000 bond. His wife, who is still incarcerated, dismissed her representation during their last court appearance. Sandra Coy’s next court date is Oct. 23, when she is expected to have new representation, and Sparks must have all the investigation information presented to the new lawyer.

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  • He's a persistent offender in the area of animal abuse/neglect and he gets of with probation. How is this justice for those animals he's already abused?! There needs to be a law to elevate what he did to those poor animals to a felony- with a required jail sentence attached!

  • I still think there should be an Animal Abuse List, just like there is a Sex Offenders List...