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In Tuesday’s church news on page A6, the name of Fairen Harris was misspelled. Harris was pictured speaking about Maria Bush, winner of Church Women United’s 2012 Human Rights Award.


The following are property transfers recorded at the Franklin County Court House. The data was compiled by HMC Associates, Frankfort. The information contains, in the following order: date of document, name of seller, name of buyer, location information and consideration (price). If there was no consideration the transaction will read, “none.”

Aug. 31, Evelyn N. Smith to Carrie Thompson, 1015 Berry Hill, $250,000.

Aug. 31, HUD to Spectrum Contracting, 183 Greentree, $27,500.

June 17, Beal Bank to Blue Spruce Entities, 851 Ivy, $5,750.

July 31, Blue Spruce Entities to Sunville 2 International Property Investment, 851 Ivy, $7,500.

Aug. 20, Robert S. Wandell et al. to Robert S. Wandell, 350 Evergreen, none.

Aug. 28, James A. Dailey to David L. Netherton, 601 McCreary, $50,000.

May 29, Master Comm/Shramm to U.S. Bank, 212 Pendleton, $179,920.

Aug. 17, J.R. Yount to Aaron T. Cook, 1213 Leathers, $142,000.

Aug. 31, HUD to Darrell B. Young et al.205 Pulliam, $46,001.

Sept. 4, Ryan and Annie Moore to Keith W. and Lauren C. Jones, 202 Stephen, $157,900.

Sept. 5, EG Properties to Teddy L. Pilcher, 614-624 Comanche, $350,000.

Aug. 31, Erin D. McCauley to Elise M. York, 118 Lee, $93,000.

Aug. 31, Tiffany L. and Matt Quarles to Chantelle R. Shepherd, 125 Beechwood, $109,500.

Aug. 31, Stephen M. and Barbara K. Vest to Erin D. McCauley, 115 Linden, $129,500.

Aug. 31, William L. and Jaime L. Carrier to Derek W. Darnell, 110 Redwood, $113,000.

Aug. 31, Carrie A. Thompson to Andrew L. and Kelly Hall, 400 Michael, $232,500.

Aug. 30, Steven A. and Elizabeth Regan to Shaquita Brown, 100 Redwood, $103,500.

Aug. 10, Deutsche Bank National Trust to Providence Business Group, 508 Mohegan, $60,000.

Sept. 5, Versailles Properties to Murray K. and Mary A. Scott, Weehawken, $65,000.

Sept. 6, Fred A. and Linda D. James to Kristopher M. and Kata E. Shera, 415 Shelby, $145,000.

Sept. 6, American Founders Loan to Glenna Bottoms, 133 Elkhorn, $28,000.

Aug. 31, Billy Shelton to David and Charlene Hano, Sheep Pen Road, $24,148.

Aug. 17, Robert and Kelley Herbert to Ben and Sharon Garrett, 521 Forest Ridge, $164,250.

Sept. 6, George K. and Lucinda J. Newman to Frank Lassiter, Switzer Road, $39,896.

Sept. 6, George K. and Lucinda J. Newman to Greg Meyer et al., Switzer Road, $38,194, $61,011.

Sept. 10, David R. Harrod to David J. and Cornelia M. Herbert, Saratoga, $50,000.

Aug. 1, John R. Scheidt et al. to John R. Scheidt et al., 1430 Dry Ridge, none.

Sept. 6, Lydia W. Sledge estate to Benjamin and Elizabeth Gill, 39 Timberlawn, $190,000.

Sept. 5, DDP Properties to Tanner House, 526 Shelby, $50,000.

Sept. 5, Elizabeth and Ben Gill to John P. Hughes, 128 Palmer, $130,000.

Sept. 7, Beverly R. Gore et al. to Tony L. and Carolyn C. Tracy, St. Johns Road, $23,000.

Sept. 7, Michael Lambert to LAK Properties, 315 Hardy, $15,500.

Sept. 10, Mike L. Gay et al. to Eileen Pickering et al., 148 Montgomery, $2,000.

Sept. 10, Mike L. Gay et al. to Dailey’s Properties, 450-452 Stanley, $7,000.

Aug. 1, Jack P. and Jean K. Korengel to Carolyn Carroway trustee et al., 847 Ridgeview, none.

Sept. 10, William H. and Ruby Baker to Justin M. and Maribeth R. Lines, 206 Mallard, $140,000.

March 26, Master Comm/Clark to PNC Bank, 107 Turnberry, $80,000.

Sept. 7, Kelly W. and Jennifer L. Wood to Saber C. and Autumn Black, 140 Cedar Crest, $128,500.

Sept. 7, James and Crystal Hellard to Jonathan K. and Kara H. Winkle, 279 Royal Parkway, $99,500.

Sept. 11, HUD to Donovan R. Sherratt, 727 Botkins, $130,000.

Sept. 10, Robert Dye to Allison Harrod, 106 Linden, none.

Sept. 11, Clay S. and Mary T. Snedegar to W.H. and Ruby Baker, 107 Wood Duck, $163,500.

Sept. 13, Meagan H. and Jon Mitchell to Jennifer Smith, 256 Lyons, $105,500.

July 30, Master Comm/Bramblett to Federal National Mortgage, 148 Allnut, $43,400.

March 26, Walter Bragg to Walter Bragg, 1012 Cottonwood, none.

Sept. 14, Glenn W. McDevitt to Constance A. McDevitt, 1641 Bryant-Benson, none.

Sept. 14, George W. Harrod estate to Jerry W. Stigers, 520 Pierce, none.

Nov. 28, 2011, Master Comm/Pate to PNC Bank, 10 Woodlake, $40,001.

Sept. 13, EG Properties to John R. Bush Jr., 118 Compton, $111,000.

Sept. 14, Richard M. and Kimberly D. Smith to Amy F. Wetherby, 516 Grama, $124,900.

Aug. 27, Master Comm/Spencer to Barry and Sonja Williams, 125 Cherrywood, $54,380.\

June 11, Sharon A. Boler to EG Properties, 313 Noel, none.

Sept. 5, HUD to Jennifer M. Cooper, 4085 Lawrenceburg Road, $67,001.

July 30, Master Comm/Noblitt to EG Properties, 141 Hickory, $46,230.

Sept. 5, Frank W. Hahn to Jane H. Gumm, 406 Reed, $57,500.

Sept. 18, Joyce A. Morse to Melvin C. and Patsy J. Conway, 153 Myrtle, $30,000.

Sept. 18, Raymond T. Clark to Troy Clark, 13995 Swallowfield Road, none.

Sept. 14, HUD to Barry Gilvin, 622 Hillcrest, $15,500.

Sept. 18, Jo A. O’Neil to Joseph C. and Teresa R. Yagel III, 1012 Keeneland, $115,000.

Sept. 17, Willard J. and Kimberly D. Purvis to JWB Investments, 193 Landings, $75,000, 185-193 Landings, $75,000.

Sept. 13, James S. Rector to Kellie L. Rector, 109 Brianmark, none.

Sept. 14, Federal National Mortgage to Richard Lawrence, 18 Preston, $59,000.

Aug. 13, Andrew H. and Lecresha Smith to Sherman and Gail C. Peyton, 313 Hiawatha, $116,081.

Sept. 17, Dorothy H. and Donald K. Buchanan to Gregory and Carol Zeigler, Switzer Road, none.

Sept. 20, Jeremy M. Taylor to Clara E. O’Bryan, 113 Meredith, none.

Sept. 19, Margarette V. Mumford to Christopher Roark et al., 2260 Louisville Road, $85,000.

Sept. 19, Melissa A. Oerther to Michael S. Oerther, 105 Medina, none.

Sept. 19, Thomas A. and Nancy L. Briggs to Marc and Melissa Currents Sr., 314 Village, $184,900.

Sept. 20, Ralph Carmack Sr. estate to Tammy L. Sandifer, 12400 Owenton Road, $25,000.

Sept. 20, Stephanie Aldridge to Thomas A. and Nancy L. Briggs, 1014 Tyburn, $168,500.

Sept. 21, Billy G. and Paula P. Woolums to Daniel A. and Wendy S. Zuber, Farmbrook Circle, $240,000.

Sept. 21, Teresa and Tom Bennett to Billy G. and Paula P. Woolums, 210 Walmac, $355,500.

Sept. 20, Mainsource Bank to William F. and Jacqueline S. Knarr II, 203 Crown Point, $160,000.

Sept. 19, Janet M. Meyer to Honor Barker, Cardwell Lane, $15,000.

Sept. 24, Donna H. Grimes to Jonathan D. and Meagan H. Mitchell, 401 Forest Ridge, $187,000.

Sept. 14, Joseph C. and Teresa R. Yagel III to David E. Rogers et al., 1021 Port Collins Road, $213,500.

Sept. 14, Jerry D. and Holly M. Johnson to Jennifer L. and Kelly W. Wood, 1035 Tyburn, $207,000.

Aug. 14, William D. Farney to Jacki R. Farney, 1039 River Bend, none.

Sept. 17, Vimala Venkatesan et al. to Jerry D. and Holly M. Johnson, 212 Twin Pines, $35,500.

Sept. 14, Samuel S. Johnson to Doris A. Johnson, 4168 Lucas, none.

Sept. 7, Sallie C. Lanham to Charles R. and Sallie C. Lanham, Justice Lane, none.

Sept. 24, Donn R. and Joan K. Adrian trustees to Donn R. and Joan K. Adrian, 1386 Glenns Creek, none.

Sept. 24, Nicholas C. and Barbara J. Bentley to Richard A. Paul, 411 W. Fourth, none.

Sept. 24, Kenneth E. and Akhila Klein to Amanda Hansel, 101 Thomas, $218,000.

Sept. 24, Pennie D. and Jerry T. Lunsford to Bethesda Temple Church of the Living God, Glenns Creek Road, $125,000.

Sept. 24, Glenns Creek Properties to Jerry T. Lunsford, Glenns Creek Road, none.

Sept. 24, Jerry T. and Pennie D. Lunsford to Bethesda Temple Church of the Living God, Glenns Creek Road, none.

Sept. 20, James A. and Melinda R. Broughton to Michael D. and Kristie G. Rudmann, 761 Wash Road, $128,500.

Sept. 21, Mari Griffith to Hermbert and Shelly Manning III, 439 Wash Road, $128,500.

Sept. 25, Nancy M. Massie to Charles T. Massie Jr., 105 Shallowbrook, none.

Sept. 24, Ray E. and Brenda L. Louder to Jesseca and Shawn Lanhart, 228 Signal Ridge, $212,000,

Sept. 24, JPMorgan Chase Bank to Providence Business Group, 211 Henry, $28,000.

Sept. 26, Fred and Jennifer Kantner II to Fred and Joyce Kantner Sr., 302 Cold Harbor, none.

Sept. 20, Ronald L. and Valerie A. Hudson to Joseph L. and Samantha L. Tucker, 1004 Whiteoak, $195,000.

Sept. 20, Joseph L. and Samantha M. Tucker to Cathy Bennett, 131 Pleasant Hill, $120,000.

July 25, Master Comm/Glover to HUD, 247 Wright, $40,100.

July 25, ALR Properties to Don L. and Amy L. Rodgers, 12 Whitebridge, none.

Aug. 27, Master Comm/Taylor to EG Properties, 817 Hickman Hill, $95,500.

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