Maintenance on State Journal press affects Monday paper

State Journal Staff Report Published:

Beginning today, The State Journal is replacing the drive and refurbishing the motors that power our press. It is a major overhaul that will be finished Tuesday. Because of this maintenance work, we will not print a Monday paper.

In light of this, we’ve included regular Monday content in today’s issue – Monday’s TV grid, comics and business page. For news updates and breaking news, check

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  • Why should this effect those of us who get the paper electronically?

  • It is unavailable because there wasn't an edition for or otherwise

  • The press issue shouldn't affect the online edition. It is unavailable.

  • Nope not the only press in the region and they will be working Monday night to get the paper ready to be outsourced/printed somewhere else for Tuesday. And, if you have a subscription, I'm sure they would be happy to refund you the quarter the paper probably cost you (the cost varies depending on what kind of subscription you have) without chargin' you any extra for what is sure to be a more costly paper on Tuesday. "couldn't be bothered"...seriously? Printing the paper somewhere else and trucking it back to Frankfort is a big deal.

  • So the State Journal owns the only press in the region? No. Then instead of just throwing up its hands and say "no paper on Monday," why don't they just have the paper printed elsewhere? I'll be studying my next bill to see if they credit my account for the day they couldn't be bothered to print a newspaper.