KSP: Owen Co. Sheriff’s daughter tried to shoot him

His son is 1 of 3 charged with murder, dumping body on I-64

Staff and wire report Published:

Owen County Sheriff Zemer Hammond’s son was one of three charged in May with murdering a man whose body was dumped in Frankfort. Now, Hammond’s daughter has been charged with trying to kill the sheriff.

Kentucky State Police said they arrested 35-year-old Heather Hammond of Glencoe Thursday. A preliminary police investigation indicated she pointed a loaded gun at her father on Oct. 5, but it jammed and didn’t fire. She’s charged with attempted murder and wanton endangerment.

The sheriff’s daughter is in custody of the Carroll County Detention Center.

His son, Joshua Hammond, was charged with murder in May after a man’s body was found near Interstate 64 in Franklin County.

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  • Anonymous_1713 I'm glad you have such insider information how the police conduct their investigations and steps involved. My question is how YOU have so much insider information to what went down the night and next day. Or Did you get it fromt he same State Journal articles we all read and then added your fiction to the story?

  • Anonymous_1713

  • This is all just evidence that what goes around,comes around and when Karma, or God's vengeance comes back to you,it comes back really hard.

  • They are obviously very dangerous people, but what was the reason that they became/or born that way? They are dangerous because they choose violence as the first option to resolve their problems. They are psychopaths. Drugs don't make people psychopaths, and if they did nearly all of us would have been made into them (as nearly all of us have taken the drugs in question and we turned out OK). These pain killer drugs are widely prescribed for anyone in pain (we are talking about hundreds of millions of folks here), and very, very few are/become psychopaths. And then not because of the drugs (they all eat at McDonalds too..does that contribute as well?). Those who take these drugs are in either physical or emotional pain, as they are trying to self-medicate. They are a symptom of their emotional problems, not the cause if it. ............................................. What kind of person would kill someone if they suddenly found out that someone that they were conducting an illegal transaction of ANY kind was a police informant and wearing a wire? Desperate people who panicked and/or became enraged and thought in this highly charged moment that that was their only way to get away. Kill the witness and they cannot testify against you. You know, like psychopaths. ................................................ Actually, the Sheriffs were NOT that close because these hombres simply drove away out of the parking lot at Wally World, stopped and dumped the body on the on-ramp of I64 East, drove a little further and stopped again at a bridge to try to dispose of the personal effects of the victim and were not apprehended until the next day. The police knew who they were because they set up the sting, but they were not close enough to protect their snitch (violating rule #1). The guy that the snitch rode in with was right there and follawed them out of the parking lot with his buddy, watched them dump the body and called 911 and reported it. I can't help it if you can't buy into what happened out there, but that really is irrelevant to my original post. .................................................. I did not say that these people were not dangerous, but I am just not buying into your theory that drugs were the cause of their behavior. Drugs were only an ancillary issue in this killing, it would have been the same with any illegal transaction. These people are psychopaths and the last thing that you want to do is back a psychopath into a corner and you are standing in the only way out. ................................................ BTW, I know one the fathers of those 3 guys and he is one of the finest and best neighbors you could ever hope to have. He could not help that his son became a psychopath, as sometimes mental illness has little to do with the parenting skills or family environment. I agree that in this case, there is a lot that we do not know about what happened.

  • anonymous_1713, I will cut to the chase. I do know the family & know who they all hang with. These are very dangerous people & they got that way for a reason. I do not know anything about a wire but suffice to say a drug deal went bad. It is my understanding that they were going to rob this fella from the get go. Now answer me this. What kind of person would deliberatly kill somebody after discovering a wire? Nobody in their right minds would because you would know the police are within sight of you or very close & would know what was going down & moved in quickly. I do not buy into the wire theory at all. I do know the family well & this was a drug robbery gone bad. When I say dangerous, I mean DANGEROUS & this isnt the first.

  • "Drug deal gone bad enough to lead to murder. Thats a fact." How do you know that is a fact? Your are surprisingly buying into the Sheriff's Office/CA's explanation/excuse/snowjob. It looked from the circumstances like it was a drug sting that went bad...like the 3 fellows from Owenton found out that the informant was wearing a wire in the car and freaked out and killed him. Drugs were only an ancillary issue in this killing. If they had been bargaining for a stolen motorcycle (or anything else that was illegal) would you have said that it was a "motorcycle deal gone bad" that lead to murder? That their insatiable desire for motorcycles cause it? That is ridiculous. If drugs were decriminalized, the police would not have sent in their informant with a wire and the murder would not have taken place. If you do not know the Dad and family, I think that it is a bit of a stretch to say that you know anything about their situation. There is a LOT MORE to this and we both know it.

  • Drug deal gone bad enough to lead to murder. Thats a fact. A dad that turned a blind eye to his childrens problems. None of these incidents just up and happened out of the blue. They're more to this 1713 & you know that.

  • bodeen: What part did drugs play in creating this family's problems?

  • I can see one bad apple in a family but here we have a Bonnie & Clyde type mentality from a family that no one would had thought. This tree must have had two bad apples or the apples really didn't fall far from the tree. I'm sure that there is a lot more to all of this & obviously drugs play a big part.

  • How terribly sad that a daughter would try to kill her own father. There must be a lot more to this story that we don't know yet.