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A cutline on A5 incorrectly stated that a 30-foot-tall Norway Spruce was donated as the Capitol Christmas tree by Jackie and Joyce Gritton of Lawrenceburg. They donated the tree in 2010.


The following are property transfers recorded at the Franklin County Court House. The data was compiled by HMC Associates, Frankfort. The information contains, in the following order: date of document, name of seller, name of buyer, location information and consideration (price). If there was no consideration the transaction will read, “none.”

Nov. 1, Mary L. McCann to Richard L. and Tonya T. Hamilton, 476 McCann, $98,900.

July 30, Master Comm/Rouland to Kentucky Housing Corporation, 200 Big Eddy, $75,000.

July 30, Master Comm/Smith to Federal National Mortgage, 200 Citation, $90,000.

Nov. 8, Sue C. Lovitt estate to Phillip W. and Cathy Kring, 224 Pulliam, $72,000.

Nov. 18, Main Source Bank to Orville and Fannie LeMay, 82 Adams Lane, $75,000.

Nov. 13, Barbara M. O’Banion to Norman B. O’Banion, 75 Pea Ridge, none.

Nov. 9, HUD to Eileen S. Fisher, 1307 Chinook, $76,710.

Nov. 24, Household Finance to Mainstreet Properties, 324 Murrell, $30,400.

Nov. 15, Bonnie S. and James C. Franklin et al. to James A. Stratton, 152 Montgomery, $28,000.

Nov. 16, H.B. Smith estate to Sarah Milligan et al., 621 Clover, $111,500.

Nov. 13, HUD to Donald P. Marshall, 125.5 Allnut, $242,100.

Nov. 14, Bernard L. Crutcher II et al. to Lynda C. and Thomas C. Roberts, 636 Raven, $66,667.

Nov. 16, Anthony G. and Camma T. Benassi to Anthony J. and Stephanie R. Benassi, 90 Hilltop, none.

July 30, Master Comm/Casey to HUD, 126 Cherrywood, $70,000,

Sept. 28, James A. Martin et al. to Craig S. Heavrin, 131 Mallard, $140,000.

Nov. 19, James C. Herndon et al. to Herndon Hills Farm, 1005 Sheep Pen, none.

Nov. 19, Opal M. Tillett to Sharon L. Tillett, 3030 Shadrick Ferry Road, none.

Oct. 14, First Federal Savings and Loan to Forrest G. and Judith M. Harrod Jr., 211-213 Wildwood, $107,500.

Nov. 19, Evelyn G. Stathis to George G. Stathis, 256 Meadowview, none.

Nov. 19, Evelyn G. Stathis to George S. Stathis, 258 Meadowview, none.

Nov. 16, Pamela B. Pendleton to Dewayne Holder, 3320 Lawrenceburg Road, none.

Nov. 19, Jack S. and Elizabeth G. Anderson to Christopher T. and Brenda B. Matthews, 801 Isaac Shelby Circle, $187,000.

Nov. 16, Jason D. and Heather M. Sanderson et al. to Karah L. Stokes et al., 522 Murray, $138,000.

Oct. 22, Master Comm/Caudle to American Founders Loan, 128 Locust, $57,000.

Sept. 1, William R. and Angela L Pulliam III to Alexandra Holdings LLC, 207 Robert M. Green Blvd., none.

Nov. 19, Margie Hall estate to Tommy J. Furnish, Cedar Road, $15,000.

Nov. 15, E.G. Properties to Cynthia C. Clarke, 517 Forest Ridge, $142,500.

Nov. 16, Jessie Young estate to Amber N. and Eric S. Agee, 208 Pinehurst, $98,500.

Nov. 15, Joseph E. and Sally J. Dunn et al. to Dunn & Sonl, 313 St. Clair, none.

July 30, Master Comm/Douglass to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 1 Canterbury Condos, $16,667.

July 23, Master Comm/Durham to Glenn Woldridge, 699 Old Lawrenceburg Road, $35,000.

Nov. 21, Lena Ellis to James A. and Susan D. Eastman, 1033 Algonquin, $124,900.

Nov. 23, Donald W. Hogan to Clyde B. and Karen S. Mayne, 107 Sunset, $90,000.

Aug. 23, Michael Catron to Emily Catron, 13 Ashmore, none.

Aug. 8, Everbank to HUD, 219 Stable, none.

Nov. 21, Deborah A. and Mike Devine to Michelle Buffin, 262 Highland Parkway, $90,000.

Nov. 21, Carlos S. and Varhonda F. Calhoun to Stephen R. Hogan, 2026 Silver Lake Blvd., $130,000.

Nov. 27, Susan C. and Rodney D. Johnson to Dana L. and Edward E. Froste III, 102 Stable, $60,000; 115 Lynwood, $55,000.

Sept. 21, Stacie A. Peyton to Jonathan H. Peyton et al., 116 Stonehedge, none.

Oct. 30, Ronald D. and Clara M. Smith to Catherine E. Dow, 208 Paul Sawyier, $114,000.

Aug. 27, Master Comm/Woolums to HUD, 108 Adair, $43,500.

Aug. 27, Master Comm/Warford to HUD, 244 Rancho, $43,400.

Nov. 26 HUD to Freddie White Jr., 105 Charro, $44,000.

Nov. 28, Edmond D. and Lorraine E. Miller trustee to Nancy B. Cooper, 625 Timothy, $123,000.

Nov. 27, Gayle Haven to Bobby J. and Anne M. Riddell, 1206 Yuma, $145,000.

May 29, Master Comm/Singleton to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 12514 U.S. 421 north, $150,000.

Nov. 20, Stan L. Banks et al. to Mellinda E. and Robert M. Arden, 101 E. Darbywood, $225,000.

Nov. 28, D&S Holdings Inc. to Herbert Holdings, 13 Carson, $357,500.

Nov. 27, Geraldine Weaver to Shane R. and Sheyann M. Sword, 121 Thomas, $196,000.

Jan. 26, Rodney G. and Diana M. Hayes to Michael D. Cooper, 118 Beechwood, $134,000.

Nov. 29 Stonnie Brown to Quentin Coleman, 208 E. Third, $45,000.

Nov. 28, Joseph E. and Heather J. Clark to James R. Gina R. Huggins, 246 Duntreath, $362,500.

Nov. 13, First Federal Savings and Loan to Jeffrey J. Kell, 903 Crosshill, $240,000.

Nvo. 26, Christopher S. and Amanda L. Yeary to Melba R. Story, 101 Stonehedge, $283,000.

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