Traffic stop nets $67K in drugs

Couple charged with trafficking


A Frankfort couple were charged with drug trafficking after a traffic stop yielded an estimated $67,000 in pills and marijuana, Frankfort Police say.

Christopher Mays, 33, was stopped in his 1995 Chev-rolet Caprice on Rolling Acres Drive around 6:30 p.m. Dec. 12, police say. During the stop, Officer Josh Baker saw Mays’ girlfriend, 24-year-old Brittany Hawkins, drive by in a Toyota Corolla several times.

Hawkins later stopped to ask about Mays, and police eventually searched both vehicles, the couple’s home on Turnberry Court and a nearby location, according to police. They found 8,195 oxycodone hydrochloride, alprazolam and morphine sulphate pills; 7.6 pounds of marijuana; assorted drug paraphernalia; and cash.

Police say the drugs’ estimated street value is $67,000.

Mays faces charges of first- and third-degree trafficking in a controlled substance, trafficking in marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and second-degree disorderly conduct.

Hawkins is charged with first- and third-degree trafficking in a controlled substance; trafficking in marijuana; tampering with physical evidence; and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Both are free on bond. Mays posted $3,730 and Hawkins $3,220, according to police.

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  • (sigh) Fine, believe what you want.

  • Your logic cake seems to need a little more time in the oven, as it is half baked. When you stuck the toothpick in, it did not come out clean. The fact that you are ignoring is that the threat of arrest and/or incarceration HAS NOT slowed down the trafficking of drugs one bit, as there are just as many drugs out there now as ever, OR more! If that old tired failed policy from the past had worked, there would be no trafficking of some drugs these daze. Think about it...why else would the local prosecuting attorney tell you that it is like trying to stop the KY River with a broom? It is insane! The cure is worse than the disease. And folks like you let them get away with perpetuating it, ad infinitum.

  • Since the threat of arrest and/or incarceration can stop or slow down the trafficking of drugs, then something CAN be done. Arrest them. Good job, guys, keep it up.

  • Steve_Fry, what are you begging to differ about? What I said was, "Anybody with a computer and a credit card can obtain these types and quantities of drugs online, and there ain't nothin' nobody can do about it." What part of that is not true? The police have demonstrated over and over and over (and will continue to do so, ad infinitum) that given large sums of our scarce tax dollars that they can ferret out a small percentage of those who obtain these drugs with apparent entrapreneurial motives. However, given the fact that anyone can obtain these same substances online, what have these actions actually accomplished...I mean besides provide a robust standard of living for defense attorneys, private prisons, police officers, etc.? This bust exemplifies the drug war that we have going on around us, where stupid people like Mays and Hawkins (the lowest of low hanging fruit) essentially implicate themselves and it is still heralded on the front page of our newspapers as making headway in this futile endeavor. We have seen these headlines for 50 years and all that we have to show for it are deficits..there is not one pain pill less on the streets, not one ounce less of marijuana out there, not one less drug addict. Ask any DEA man, or local prosecuting attorney, and they will tell you that it is like trying to stop the KY River with a broom, which is certifiably insane to keep trying the same old things and expecting different results. Since YOU are in that boat with those who are saying, "Good job guys...keep it up!", what does that make you?

  • I beg to differ, 1713. Something CAN be done about it. You can be arrested. I agree, behindthescenes - job well done.

  • Anybody with a computer and a credit card can obtain these types and quantities of drugs online, and there ain't nothin' nobody can do about it.

  • I feel so much safer now...

  • @Steve- I assume it was FPD since this identifies Josh Baker as an Officer rather than as a Deputy, or Trooper. Regardless of what agency got the bust- JOB WELL DONE! We need less of this trash on our streets. Sad thing is Mays has been arrested for this kind of stuff before and he will likely walk away from this one as well. My heart goes out to the kids who call this low life their Father, they deserve better than a drug dealing Dad and his equally despicable girlfriend.

  • What, no guns? SURELY you can't be a serious criminal without having some weapons lying around for the police to photograph, with the wrapped packages of pot and pills all lined up end-to-end?? But seriously, thanks to the... (reads, then re-reads story) Which police department initiated the stop?