UPDATE: Puppy left in box sparks investigation

Police decline to identify any suspects in cruelty case

State Journal Staff Report Published:

The Frankfort Police Department is investigating an animal cruelty case after finding an abandoned 5-week-old puppy.

Frankfort Sewer Department employees Tuesday morning discovered an abandoned puppy on Kentucky Avenue, according to a Thursday press release.

Employees said they saw a 5-foot-2-inch to 5-foot-6-inch white female with blonde hair and slender build in a parked silver Chevrolet SUV near the entrance to the plant, according to the release.

Employees said the woman got out of the vehicle carrying a box, which she left on the bank of the Kentucky River.

When employees retrieved the box, they found a female Chihuahua puppy inside.

A veterinary examination determined the puppy was 5 weeks old and most likely would have died if left in the box.

The Franklin County Humane Society took in the puppy, and has placed it in a foster care home. One of the sewer department employees who found her is planning to adopt her, according to the Humane Society’s Facebook page.

Police declined to identify any suspects Friday morning, but WLEX-TV reported the woman in question is Stephanie Shelton Cooper.

Officers are currently investigating the incident and ask anyone with information to call 502-875-8523.

Anonymous information can be given to Crime Stoppers at 502-875-8648, or online at frankfortcrimestoppers.com. Anonymous tips can also be sent via text message to 274637 (CRIMES) by typing FCS and then the message.

Crime Stoppers may pay a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest.

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  • If it had been a bag of meth in that box instead of a puppy, the Sheriff would have been down there in his creased uniform personally for a photo op and made sure that his office was the one's who found and picked this woman up. And you know it. It is all a matter of priorities.

  • Then lets get rid of the Frankfort Police Department. Obviously they are not supposed to do anything. Could save us a ton of money and just let the Sheriff handle everything. It's not his jurisdiction. Get over your drug problems already.

  • Out of their jurisdiction? Really? The jurisdiction of the Sheriff's Office is the entire county. The Sheriff's Office is snooping around in Bellpoint all the time, looking for druggies selling their own pain meds out of their pick'em up trucks. That and local trailer parks and Section 8 housing in the City. And why should I stop speaking the truth to power?

  • Really 1713? Kind of out of their jurisdiction but you just can't stop.

  • Why isn't our self-proclaimed "law enforcement Sheriff" all over this case? Oh yeah, it doesn't have any thing to do with penny ante druggies. Never mind...

  • I called to see if the puppy needed a foster, and they already have one for her, but the poor little thing also has parvo.

  • What time of day did this occur? Perhaps the worthless cruel woman intended to bring the pup and relinquish it at the animal shelter since the pup was inhumanely dumped just past the shelter. WLEX tv is showing a picture of the woman and the vehicle - hope State Journal can get one/more still images to use and post in the paper so the local residents can try to discover who this low-life is - and punish the woman under every law that they can come up in addition to animal cruelty charges - like littering for putting the box out and trespass for crossing property she shouldn't have been on, etc. If our law enforcement officials want to, surely they can determine who this person is with the picture and can "throw the book" at her.

  • Sadly, the $25-$100 fine she will get in this state won't recoup the cost of searching for her. I wonder why she couldn't find someone to take the puppy. Even if she could, you aren't supposed to separate a pup from it's mother until after 6-8 weeks. Since she didn't take it to a shelter, it makes me wonder if she did it to p!$$ someone off. I guess we'll find out.