Wild turkey crashes through liquor store window

By Ryan Quinn Published:

Amy Abney said she’s seen some pretty strange stuff working at a liquor store, but what happened Thursday morning was one of the weirdest.

A wild turkey broke through the window of Red Dot Wine & Spirits – no, not a bottle of Wild Turkey bourbon. An actual bird.

“I couldn’t believe it really happened,” said Abney, the customer service representative who was working when the turkey decided it really needed a drink. She said the crash sounded like a gunshot.

“I was like damn, I just hope my boss believes me,” Abney said.

Hopefully the boss does. The avian left a large hole in the roughly 5-foot wide, extra thick glass storefront window of the store in Century Plaza shopping center.

Shift supervisor Jessica Estes said it would cost $350 to board the window and probably another $1,200 to replace it.

“The cops were just sitting out here laughing,” Estes said.

She was not there for the incident, but said Abney told her all about it.

“I said a what flew through the what?” Estes recalled.

Sadly, the turkey lost its life by the time it reached animal control’s truck. So, too, did a bottle of Lindeman’s Shiraz Cabernet. Abney was surprised the turkey only broke one wine bottle in the glass-filled store.

Estes said the turkey might have been roosting on the roof and was blown through the window when it tried to fly away.

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  • saute' that sucker.

  • The bird was obviously flying under the influence (FUI)...probably on some exotic bourbon crafted over in Lawrenceburg. The penalty being death by repeated blows to the head with a broom. I hear that they taste just like chicken.