UPDATE: No injuries in massive fire at Lawrenceburg glass plant

Cause of blaze not determined

By Lindsey Erdody, Published:

Dark smoke from a massive fire in Lawrenceburg Friday afternoon could be seen from Frankfort to Lexington.

The smoke was coming from a large glass debris pile that caught fire in an industrial park where Dlubak Glass is located.

Employees nearby in one of the glass recycling buildings reported the fire around 12:20 p.m. and evacuated the building. None of the nine employees were injured.

Lawrenceburg City Administrator Robbie Hume said the cause of the fire is unknown.

Firefighters had to set up remote equipment to lower the heat and height of the flames, which reached approximately 100 feet in the air when they arrived shortly after receiving the call.

“They were visible from City Hall when I walked out the door,” Hume said about the flames.

Within the first hour firefighters were able to move closer to the pile to attack the flames, Hume said.

The wind worked in their favor, blowing the flames in the opposite direction of the building.

Flames died down shortly after 2 p.m., but smoke could still be seen for miles. 

At least eight fire departments flocked to the scene to battle the blaze including departments from Woodford, Mercer, Anderson, Franklin and Jessamine counties and Lexington, Versailles and Lawrenceburg.

“We could not have gotten it knocked down so quickly without their assistance,” Hume said. 

Hume said it’s the largest fire to happen in the city limits since a blaze that burned down a warehouse at Wild Turkey Distillery in 2000.

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  • From the Anderson News website: "A four-story tall pile of vinyl and glass — what appeared to be the material that prevents windshields from shattering like normal glass — burst into flames at about noon Friday."

  • A large glass pile? What the heck was burning to make 100' tall flames?

  • Skaizun....and your comment relates to this particular story...how?

  • Skaizun, please don't run for any political office !

  • The smoke cloud is so large that I thought it was a rain cloud at first. I've also heard that schools have been let out due to all the smoke.

  • I drove between the east and west sides of Frankfort for about 2 hours on May 3. In that time, I saw speeders (60 in a 45 mph zone; 90 on rt 64 (max 70)), aggressive drivers (an SUV going about 85 shifting lanes for no reason, cutting off cars at the last second for no reason, tailgating for no reason), more than half of the vehicles I saw (cars and trucks) with missing or non-working tail lights, stop sign runners, and my getting honked at for making a full stop at a stop sign! I could go on, but, you get the idea. We have become a lawless, impatient, inattentive (cell phone, texting) society. This will not stop until a legislator has a major accident, and then (s)he and his/her colleagues suddenly decide to pass a law to increase major moving violations to a minimum of $5,000 and/or suspended license and/or mandatory jail time (no community service; no parole) and/or vehicle seized. No full tinting, no blasting stereos, no broken or resonating mufflers, no cell phones, etc. If you don't stomp the cockroaches, they will take over. Actually, they already have.