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'Truly sorry' for recent delays as printing moved

By Ann Dix Maenza, Published:

Providing you with local news on a timely basis is our job. During the last three weeks, as we have moved our printing to Gannett Publishing in Louisville, on several occasions our timeliness for print delivery has fallen short. For that, I am truly sorry. 

The move is now complete, and Gannett is proving to be a very good partner. Our access to their newer, larger and faster newspaper press brings you, our readers, a cleaner, crisper edition with far superior color reproduction.

While similar printing consolidations have taken place across the state and the country for many years, it was still a tough business decision for me. But there comes a time when changes must be made to facilitate an organization’s longevity and continued viability. 

It is important to note that our advertising, circulation, pre-press, news and sports departments will remain in Frankfort and that the newspaper’s management and ownership have not changed. Our emphasis remains on local news, sports and opinion, and we will cover the same amount of stories as always.

Overall readership of The State Journal is up. While our print readership has declined slightly, online readership continues to grow. Each month our web site averages more than 85,000 unique visitors with page views exceeding 542,000. 

The State Journal has provided your local news for more than 100 years, and the Dix family has been a part of the Frankfort community for the past 51 years as the newspaper’s owner. With your interest in local news, sports and opinion, we will remain Frankfort’s news source.

Thank you.

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  • Are there plans to update the software for the e-edition?

  • So how about some full color Sunday comics instead of just running Saturday's?  Just a thought.