Governor's Mansion announces 100-year celebration plans

Kentucky Press News Service, Published:

The Kentucky Governor’s Mansion will reach a milestone next month, turning 100 years old Jan. 20. 

The anniversary will be marked with a yearlong celebration of events honoring the mansion’s architectural, social and political history, according to a press release.

The celebration will feature a range of both free and ticketed public and private events, including a symposium, the Martin Luther King Jr. March and reception, a reception honoring the people of Frankfort, a Kentucky music entertainment weekend and more. The mansion will also feature several special art exhibits throughout the year, including an Audubon collection. 

The Celebration will kick off with premieres of a documentary about the historical landmark, called “Kentucky Governor’s Mansion: A Century of Reflection.” The film features interviews with former governors and their families, former and current Mansion staff, notable Kentucky political figures and more. The film’s premieres will be held at the Grand Theatre in Frankfort on Jan. 15 and at the Kentucky Theatre in Lexington on Jan. 16. 

More details about the documentary, ticketing and other Centennial events will be released soon. 

No public or taxpayer dollars will be used to fund the Centennial Celebration. All events and exhibits are sponsored through private donations to the Kentucky Executive Mansions Foundation, a nonprofit organization established to undertake, promote and assist financially and otherwise with the restoration, maintenance and preservation of state-owned buildings, sites, structures, places and objects of historic significance.

The Mansion Centennial Celebration Committee includes a cross-section of Kentuckians who consider the mansion a remarkable example of Beaux Arts architecture and recognize it as the center of Kentucky politics for the past 100 years.

Co-chairs Mike Duncan, former Republican National Committee Chairman, and Terry McBrayer, former chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party and committeeman for the Democratic National Committee, are working with the committee to ensure bipartisan support.

The Kentucky Governor’s Mansion is the official home of the state’s governor and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of only a handful of executive residences in the United States open to the public for tours. 

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  • What a waste of tax dollars. State employees are having difficulty just keeping a roof over our heads after being furloughed and having no raises for over six years and the Govenor thinks it ok to have a year long celebration celebrating the 100 year old Mansion. I take pride in our rich history but this is outrageous. Each county is being asked to donate 1000.00 to buy a chair that 120,000 for chairs to the hold bottoms of the rich and connected while they squander even more of our tax dollars away, If they are announcing this kind of waste to the public you can beleive  that it is the tip of the iceburg and some one needs to investigate the "TRUE" cost of these parties for  the taxpayers and citizens that are struggling every. There is no COMMON in this Wealth.