Online pet safety petition fills Mayor Bill May's inbox

Cold weather worries animal advocates

State Journal staff report Published:

Mayor Bill May has received more than 2,000 emails from supporters of an emergency ordinance to protect animals left out in the recent frigid temperatures, but he said animals are already protected under current city ordinances. 

May said he got the first email about 8:30 a.m. Friday and has been receiving them almost non-stop since.

The emails appear to be linked to a online petition urging the mayor to act. It has more than 2,000 signatures, but it’s unclear how many are from Frankfort residents — signers include people from Venezuela, Mexico, France and Great Britain.

“If someone does call to report an animal that’s being left out in the cold they can call our Frankfort dispatch center and then our animal control officer can investigate,” May said.

The dispatch number is 502-875-8582.

May said a current ordinance penalizes people for leaving animals in unsafe conditions, and said the Frankfort City Commission could look to see if that law is deficient.

“If someone is mistreating animals, there will be a consequence,” he said of the current ordinance.

Police Chief Walter Wilhoite said residents who cannot care for their animals should take them to the humane society.

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  • "user_35938: Its hilarious that there are people in Frankfort who ride around to make sure nobody's dog is OUTSIDE"

    It's sad that there are people that don't care enough about their pets to leave them outside with a frozen bowl of water. It's sad that people purchase animals like property, show them love while they're young, then expel them from the house when the novelty wears off. Dogs are social animals that can experience the same psychological distress from abandonment and isolation as people. People that think animals are just soulless property need to get over themselves. We are all animals. There are no souls. Pain is a biochemical reaction to harmful stimuli that occurs in all animals with nervous systems and the pain response is identical in all If something hurts YOU (a mammal) it will hurt just as much for another animal with fur and nipples. Every accidentally step on a pet and hear it cry out in alarm? (same as humans) There's a reason for that.

  • Animal Control Officer is on duty 24/7. You just have to call and they will send someone out to check on the animal.  If the Officer sees that the animal is being mistreated they can be cited to court. Why not start a petition for our homeless people. They need shelter, food, blankets, hats, gloves etc. Do you really think that 1 shelter for men is really enough? Is there a shelter for women? The Simon House is not a shelter that will accept a single female with no children. It amazes me that this community will do anything for an animal and not give a thought about the homeless.

  • I'm glad most of the people in our community care about animals and I'm happy that Mayor May takes this all seriously.  I hope the next county judge-executive and fiscal court magistrates also take humane treatment of animals seriously!

  • I don't think it is hilarious, I would call that caring and making sure a dog is not chained in someones back yard with no shelter. It has nothing to do with someones dog just being OUTSIDE.

  • Its hilarious that there are people in Frankfort who ride around to make sure nobody's dog is OUTSIDE

  • What is the current penalty?  What do you do after hours when animal control is not working?  The term adequate shelter needs to be revised...


    What is the consequence when an animal freezes to death?  The consequence TO that animal is a miserable death...