Man allegedly scams elderly woman out of $6K

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton said there may be more victims

By Kristina Belcher, Published:

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton said a Louisville man was arrested after he scammed an elderly woman out of thousands of dollars — and there may be more victims.

Lawrence Williamson, 60, is charged with knowingly exploiting an adult and possession of synthetic cannabinoid.

Melton said Williamson and two 17-year-old boys went to a trailer Tuesday and told the woman her roof was in need of repair.

The three allegedly went onto the roof after she agreed they could do the work. After only 10 minutes, Melton said, they returned and told the woman she owed them $6,000.

She wrote them a check.

The victim’s son later reported the incident to the sheriff’s office.

Melton said security cameras caught Williamson cashing the check immediately afterward.

Williamson allegedly ran a similar scam in Louisville.

He is in the Franklin County Regional Jail on an $11,000 bond. Melton said the two teens have not been charged.

The case is ongoing.

Melton said several more complaints have been received about Williamson, and he thinks there may be more victims.

Williamson mainly focused his efforts on the eastern side of Franklin County, Melton said, specifically in the areas of Indian Hills and U.S. 460.

Melton asks anyone who thinks he might have been a victim of this scam to call 502-875-8582 so a deputy may be dispatched to take a report.

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  • Lawrence Williamson and these two have been harrassing my mother since last May when she paid them for asphalt paving.  The two teenagers pushed the door and entered her house on January 24, 2014.  They harrassed her to give them money for work they did not do.  She is 91 and nearly blind.

    I hope Lawrence Williamson spends many years in jail.  He deserves it and so do the 17 year olds.

  • "Lawrence Williamson, 60, is charged with ... possession of synthetic cannabinoid."

    Homosapien, I'd be curious to hear your views on the possession and sale of this stuff (aka "K2" and "Spice" according to wikipedia) and the super-skeery "bath salts" that I've stopped seeing behind counters of convenience stores. Apart from adding a little chlorine to the gene pool, should people be free to harm (really, HARM!) themselves and others by its sale and use?


  • They have been all over Indian Hills, near Westover and Eastover and Silver Lake.

    Not only are they running a roofing scam, but they apparently also have offered to do yard work, snow removal, etc.

    I wouldn't consider the teenagers as "innocenet," or not "culpable."  At age 17, they are both old enough to know better.

  • They were over on Aztek Trail last week! Lots of elderly folks live in that neighborhood; I hope no one else was taken advantage of.

  • Reminds me of when the Stanley family here scammed my grandmother by "repaving" her driveway one year.  Looked like they sprayed oil on her driveway and that was about it.  Got to protect your elderly family/friends - as they age, they do get more vulnerable.