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The Franklin County Health Department inspects restaurants and other food service establishments at least twice a year. Retail food establishments are inspected at least once a year. Food storage, sanitation, preparation, personnel, equipment facilities and other health conditions are checked. The inspections can be viewed on the health department’s website,

Each asterisk (*) indicates one critical violation. If an establishment has a critical violation, it fails the inspection and is inspected again with 10 days. The scores for the regular and follow-up inspections are shown for establishments that had critical violations.

A perfect score is 100. Points are subtracted if department guidelines are not met. Below is a breakdown of scores.

For those listed under food/service establishments there are two scores. The first is for the food service and the second is for the retail section of the establishment.

85-100 without a critical violation means the establishment is in compliance with departmental guidelines.

70-84 without a critical violation calls for another inspection within 30 days.

70 and below means the establishment is automatically served notice of the department’s intention to suspend its permit.


>Big Lots, Century Plaza, U.S. 127 South, 100 (retail)

>Bryant’s Pic Pac, 221 West Second St. 98 (food), 100 (retail)

Violations: Vent hood in deli is unclean; deep-freeze in back in poor repair.

>Capital Avenue Learning Center, 317 Capital Ave., 98

Violations: Automatic dishwasher wash/rinse temperature is 1090 degrees and must be a minimum of 1200 degrees as noted on the dishwasher; clean utensils improperly stored on cloth towels in the dish racks.

>China Wok, #6 Eastwood Shopping Center, 93*

Violations: Food in walk-in cooler is double stacked without properly being covered; sanitizer line in automatic dishwasher was air locked and not dispensing sanitizer; tongs improperly stored on oven handles; rice spoons stored in standing water, instead of continuously running water, as required.

Follow up inspection: 100. Previous issues corrected.

>Dave’s Snacks, 500 Mero St., 100

>Elks Club, 309 Lewis St., 100

>Frankfort Regional Medical Center, 299 Kings Daughters Drive, 100

>Jimmy John’s, 325 Versailles Road, Suite 200, 92*

Violations: Employee witnessed eating in the food prep area; hand sink is leaking at the drain; coat is stored on catering boxes; brooms improperly stored directly on the floor. Note: No person on duty had a food manager or food handler’s card.

Follow up inspection: 97. Previous issues corrected. Note: Manager will talk to employee about proper places for employees to take breaks and require a food handler card for this employee.

>Logan’s Roadhouse, 141 Bizzack Blvd., 100

>Luci Lou’s, 305 Leonardwood Drive, 100

>Speedway #9720, 1001 Louisville Road, 100 (food), 100 (retail)

>Starbucks, 100 Jett Drive, 100

>Taco Bell, 1582 U.S. 60, 100

>Valero, 1326 Ky. 141, 91 (food), 99 (retail)

Violations: No long stem thermometer provided; no thermometer in reach-in freezer; plastic lids in preparation cooler are cracked and in bad repair; sponge used at three-compartment sink for dishwashing; single service food lids not stored inverted, also fountain drink dispenser nozzles are soiled; mop sink is leaking at hot water knob; no sanitary towels or hand cleaner provided in the dish wash area and the food prep area hand sinks; wall is in bad repair by walk-in cooler door entrance.

>WHHS Football Concessions, Wolverine Field, 95

Violations: Enamel painted pot stored in the three-compartment sink; no sanitary towels provided at the hand/mop sink; no self-closing door at entrance; door is not insect/rodent proof.

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