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January and February restaurant inspections


Restaurant inspections

The Franklin County Health Department inspects restaurants and other food service establishments at least twice a year. Retail food establishments are inspected at least once a year. Food storage, sanitation, preparation, personnel, equipment facilities and other health conditions are checked. The inspections can be viewed on the health department’s website,

Each asterisk (*) indicates one critical violation. If an establishment has a critical violation, it fails the inspection and is inspected again with 10 days. The scores for the regular and follow-up inspections are shown for establishments that had critical violations.

A perfect score is 100. Points are subtracted if department guidelines are not met. Below is a breakdown of scores.

For those listed under food/service establishments there are two scores. The first is for the food service and the second is for the retail section of the establishment.

85-100 without a critical violation means the establishment is in compliance with departmental guidelines.

70-84 without a critical violation calls for another inspection within 30 days.

70 and below means the establishment is automatically served notice of the department’s intention to suspend its permit.

January inspections

>Anybody’s Diner, 15 Reilly Road, 100

>Juniper Hill Golf Course, 800 Louisville Road, 100

>Kroger, 302 Brighton Park Blvd., 90* (food), 99 (retail)

Violations: Walk-in meat department cooler door basket is in bad repair; automatic dishwasher final rinse temperature was not hot enough — deli can use three-compartment sink until proper repairs are made; dishwasher area hand sink is not easily accessible; coats stored by and over food and food containers in deli.

>Magee’s Bakery Doughnuts and More, 225 W. Main St., 91* (food), 100 (retail)

Violations: Reach-in white cooler did not provide a thermometer; spoons are not stored with the handles inverted; supplies blocking the dish wash area hand sink; no sanitary towels provided at the food preparation hand sink.

Follow up inspection: 95. Corrected immediately. Owner immediately removed box from hand sink.

>Red Dot Liquors, 1139 U.S. 127 South, 100

>Starbucks-Kroger, 302 Brighton Park Blvd., 100

February inspections

>Arandas, 193 Versailles Road, Suite 17, 96

Violations: Automatic dishwasher gauge is in bad repair; coats improperly stored on food and food containers.

>Buddy’s Pizza, 212 W. Broadway, 99

Violation: Broken tile in front of sit down area by front door.

>Cabinet for Health and Family Services Cafeteria, 275 E. Main St., 97

Violations: Unlabeled meats in walk in — label everything and dispose of all old products facility is not going to use; some new stock stored directly on floor in walk in.

>Capital City Catering, 127 E. Todd St., 98

Violations: Front door is not insect/rodent proof.

>Capital City Foods, 101 Lakeview Court, 98 (retail)

Violations: No thermometer in white chest freezer or in the white refrigerator.

>Celebrating Catering, 201 St. Clair St., 97

Violations: Refrigerator in back is running warm — high end of temperature range; meat in back fridge is not labeled.

>CVS Pharmacy, 709 E. Main St., 98

Violations: Restrooms have unclean floors.

>Five Star Food Mart, 1620 Versailles Road, 99 (food), 98 (retail)

Violations: (Retail stock room) box of plastic cups stored on floor; heavy food buildup on hot plate; reach-in freezer (in deli-dishwash area) has food debris buildup on bottom.

>Grace Place Soup Kitchen, 122 E. Broadway, 98

Violations: No thermometers in refrigerators/freezers.

νGreat Beginnings Childcare, 181 Doctors Drive, 100

>Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe, 235 W. Broadway, 95

Violations: Front door propped open; floors unclean; area under coffee makers and sink unclean; refrigerator with milk and cream has no thermometer, deli cooler has no thermometer.

>Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1229 U.S. 127, 92*

Violations: Employee washed hands and then used sanitary towel to wipe mouth/face and proceeds to work; drink fountain in employee area is improperly draining into a pan; broom stored directly on the floor.

Follow up inspection: 97. Corrected immediately — manager made employee re-wash hands properly and then put on food gloves. Other items should be corrected as soon as possible.

>Kroger, 302 Brighton Park, 100

Follow up inspection: 100. Corrected-rinse temperature in dishwasher; hand sink was not blocked & easy to wash hands; coats/jackets were not stored in deli.

>Linney’s Pizza & Pasta, 721 E. Main St., 100

>Little Lamb Preschool, 1 Hudson Hollow, 100

>Midway Truck Plaza, 3888 U.S. 127 South, 96 (food), 95 (retail)

Violations: Chicken in warmer was not hot enough — chicken must be discarded in four hours if not sold or served; reach-in freezers did not provide thermometers; reach-in freezer door handle is missing; nut from bolt missing in ice maker; no covered waste can in ladies restroom; wall in the back room is in bad repair, paint on door in ladies restroom is in bad repair; brooms in stock room and mop sink room are stored directly on the floor, no hanger provided; linen stored directly on the floor in the stock room.

>Mules Market, 102 Athletic Drive, 100 (food), 100 (retail)

>Penn State East Coast Subs, 1303 U.S. 127 South, Suite 101, 97

Violations: No thermometer in any coolers up front; dusty vents over storage area.

>Pizza Hut, 616 E. Main St., 97

Violations: No hair restraints worn by staff preparing food (visor put on by staff after inspector arrived), floors below cooler have heavy food debris build-up.

>Pizza Inn, 100 Brighton Park Blvd., 99

Violations: Inside door of ice machine (in dish wash room), in poor repair.

>Sage Garden Cafe, 3690 East-West Connector, 97 (food), 100 (retail)

Violations: Automatic dishwasher temperature not hot enough and gauge is not working properly; utensils are not stored with the handles inverted.

νSubway, 238 W. Main St., 95

Violations: Drink fountain nozzles are soiled; personal food improperly stored in the dish wash hand sink making hand sink inaccessible.

Follow up inspection: 99. Previous issues corrected immediately — manager immediately removed items from hand sink.

>Taco Bell, 355 Leonardwood Drive, 97

Violations: Ice lid (cover) at drive-thru on drink fountain is cracked and in bad repair; no sanitary towels provided at dish wash area hand sink.

>White Light Diner, 114 Bridge St., 90*

Violations: No chlorine test kit provided to test three-compartment sink and wiping cloth sanitizer; sanitizer at three-compartment sink is too weak; spoons/utensils not stored with the handles inverted; front door is not closing property; wall is in bad repair above the steps to the basement.

Follow up inspection: 94. Corrected immediately — sanitizer was added.

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