Viacom deal still needs Frankfort Plant Board approval

Company reaches agreement with cable cooperative nearly 24 hours after contract expires

By Seth Littrell, Published:

Nearly 24 hours after the contract deadline, media giant Viacom and the National Cable Television Cooperative came to an agreement to continue carrying some of the most popular cable channels.

According to a joint Viacom and NCTC news release, the decision renews Viacom’s contract with more than 800 NCTC member companies.

Glenn Waldrop, Frankfort Plant Board public information coordinator, told the State Journal that while the NCTC has accepted the deal, the Plant Board itself has not yet seen the terms and still needs to vote on whether or not it will accept them.

He added that the final decision on whether or not the city maintains Viacom programming will come after a meeting and vote on the issue by the Plant Board.

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed, the release stated.

“Viacom is and remains one of NCTC’s largest content providers and we are pleased to have reached an agreement that will provide opportunities for our members to distribute their content over multiple platforms,” said Judy Meyka, NCTC executive vice president of programming.

The deal was expected to be finalized Monday night, when the previous 5-year contract with Viacom expired. However, talks continued Tuesday with the media company granting hourly service extensions to NCTC members.

According to John Higginbotham, Frankfort Plant Board cable and telecom superintendent, Viacom planned to introduce a substantial fee increase that would be passed on to customers. The negotiations began in an attempt to lower the increased rate.

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  • LISTEN to me FPB if you let Viacom blackmail you and you turn around and raise the rates for shows that most adults don't even watch I will kiss the FPB goodbye!  The charges for just the basics is ridiculous!!  I will boycott for sure!!  We are paying way too much already!!

  • my wife told me the other day we pay $90 for cable!  and that's without any movie channels.  i might watch the local and national news after work, and there's the odd chance i might sit and watch one of the network shows (i've become my parents when it comes to nothing on tv).  but the tv never gets turned on over the weekend.  monthly rates are ridiculous and there needs to be an option for measured service.