Man arrested in Franklin County on federal bank robbery charges

Police found him near Juniper Hill

State Journal staff report, Published:

Frankfort police Thursday arrested a federal fugitive living in Franklin County.

Joseph M. Wainscott, 18, of Farmers Lane, was arrested on bank robbery charges, which Frankfort Police Capt. Robert Warfel said is a federal crime.

Through talking with an informant during a drug investigation, police were able to gather information about Wainscott and his location.

The Frankfort Police Department contacted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and U.S. Marshals service to confirm there was a federal warrant for Wainscott in Covington for bank robbery charges.

Warfel said police were able to locate Wainscott and take him into custody without incident. He’s being held in Franklin County Regional Jail without bond.

Warfel said Wainscott was found in an apartment across from Juniper Hill Park.

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  • ohpleasen, beegee428 and user_36534  you all are overlooking another part of this story. What makes you all think that us other posters doesn't know this Wainscott. The whole family is well known in this town and like most families, got a few bad apples. It is all of your alls rights to view this as you please but to give such pity excuses doesn't take away the fact that this young man needs needs incarcerated and put out of society. Lot of folks has bad upbringing and are dealt a bad hand in life but they do not run out and rob banks. This crime isn't this mans first either. He is young and on a wrong path that regardless of how you all think, will get worse and have victims. It is sad anytime a person like this gets on the wrong side because of how they were brought up and the situation but no excuse and certainly others are to blame.

    The bigger part of this is what got this story commented on and that is how C.I.'s are used in DRUG INVESTIGATIONS around here. If any of you have read other articles then you would understand my views or at least why I think the way I do when it comes to C.I.'s being allowed get out of jail free cards as long as they are turning others in for doing lesser crimes than they are doing! What would any of you think if the police gets bad info from their CI and  because the CI's are on the hook  and at the police mercy once they start this game. They have the threat of jail everytime the police want a name and after their inner circle gets arrested and they are no more others to turn in,they have to make things up and lie to stay out of jail.

    Stay with me a moment, I will give a fine example. The police are given bad info of a store owner dealing drugs from the business. The hearsay evidence isn't enough to get a warrant to search so they try to set up buys but still can't get evidence. The CI swears there is lots of drugs being kept there and the police believes him. So, in an attempt to get inside and search without proper warrants, the police gets their CI to break into the business after dark so they can go in and search on a fake break-in investigation. They still don't find anything like the CI claimed and the owner has to repair doors, lights and glass because of illegal tactics by our police. This actually happened around 2 &1/2 years ago right here in Frankfort. How do I know you might ask? CI's are the most untrusted lowlifes and a relative of the CI tipped the owner off of the plan to breakin but not who actually was behind it. The owner alerted the police of the plan and was told they would be several undercover cops within eyesite of the business to catch the thief and she was asked to just stay away to keep from interfering. She was in the 1/4 to 1/2 mile in the background watching and the police knew it. It took the CI over a half an hour trying both front and back doors, breaking security lights, prying and beating till one of the doors was finally breached. The police got what they wanted and gave a fake chase and fake arrest. The CI never made it to jail though and was never charged. The owner was arrested a few months later for selling drugs out of her home.

    A few years ago there were a lot of home invasions going on here and the home owners were thought of as like this owner of the store. Into drugs. The police never found any of these people who broke in and took huge amounts of cash and valuables (drugs were never mentioned but a possibility). I wonder if the police were behind any of these. These invasions stopped as suddenly as they started. I feel like at the risk of getting a drug dealer illegally, they risk the lives of their CI's or ? who knows. I do know that the womans brother was asked to stay in the back room of this business I spoke about with a gun to catch this burgular but they decided it was best to alert the police. A CI could had been blowed away that night over doing what the police wanted him to do and that was go around the law and break the law to try and catch a drug dealer. Being that the CI was breaking the law, he would had been paid for had the woman and brother decided to catch him on their own and not call the police. There is a bigger story here!

  • Before you judge this kid, maybe you should know a little about him first. His mother committed suicide when he was little, his dad's been in prision and he was fortunate enough to have a sister try her best to raise him. I can't imagine how unwanted and unloved he must have felt growing up! Does that condone what he's done Absolutely not! however, he has been dealt a hand that I'm not sure any 18 yr old would know what to do witrh much less starting at 7 yrs old! He has a kind heart and would never hurt anyone. He's more of a danger to himself than he is anybody else and it would be nice if instead of judging him you could pray for him and his family.


  • i know him, hes always been a trouble maker so this came as no surprise, his whole familys a mess, his twin brothers alot better then him, but their all still pretty bad off. oh well


  • Lets see, HE ROBBED A BANK! Sorry if I sounded harsh or made a big deal over what someone  evidently think is not that big of a deal. Even death row inmates are someones loving family member even though they committed dispicable crimes. Ayh, good thing we do not allow drawn & quartered anymore and replaced it with a cot and three squares everyday.

  • People can be so judgemental.  Let's talk about the fact that Joseph had tragic events during his childhood including losing his mother in a horrible way when he was younger.  He was dealt a bad hand in his fault of his own.  Does that excuse the choices he made.......absolutely not.  But bad choices do not make him a horrible person.  Let's all pray for him and that God can help him get on the right track for the rest of his life.

  • No beegee, people just knows how it works.

  • amazes me how many folks already know that the informant got off scott-free because of his/her information!  Never knew there were so many clairvoyants in town!

  • It is good they got him regardless. 18 years old and BIG TIME already. What would he had done next? Robbing banks is a bold crime committed only by people that has no value of human life. He will be put away for a long time but as young as he is, when he gets out, LOOK OUT!

  • Criminal see, criminal do, his daddy is a useless piece of dung too.

  • pitchforkprotester you are absolutely right. This is the most popular way a C.I. is made. I am glad this man is caught but he wouldn't had been caught had a police officer traded felony charges for a wanted federal suspect. I would think that police should had been watching this place to start with but then again they didn't even know anything about this wanted man or his crimes. I guess they're no statewide all point bulletins in this computer age. I personally do not think it is right for a police officer to allow crimes to go unpunished in order to get another person charged. In this case, not as bad as trading same level offender for another but for the most part, trade outs shouldn't be allowed until after conviction and to catch higher dangerous felons (not another addict) in order to possibally reduce time spent. What a lot of folks may not know is C.I's. are often overlooked for theft crimes committed against us citizens. The get a get out of jail (charge also) free card in crimes that are not drug related. I just don't like the whole concept of c.i.. Would they be needed if police were doing more patroling, talking, investigating etc. instead of sitting in lots chatting with fellow cops or whoever (I have seen personal cars parked next to police cars) or using two or more units at every minor traffick stop. I know I am looked at often as anti police but that couldn't be further from the truth. We need them but we need them to get back to the basics (that doesn't exist anymore)

  • Through talking with an informant during a drug investigation, police were able to gather information about Wainscott and his location.

    Hey I may have some information you might be interested in said the rat.

    What information would that be said the cop? I know where a bank robber is hiding out at. Let me go and I'll tell you. OK said the cop.

    And that kiddies is how you become a CI in Frankfort/Franklin County Kentucky

    The End!