Enrollment for kynect extended

April 11 is new deadline

State Journal staff report, Published:

Gov. Steve Beshear’s office Friday announced an extension to enroll in Kentucky’s health benefit exchange, kynect, for those who had difficulty signing up on the final day.

The special enrollment period lasts through April 11, according to a press release from Beshear’s office. More than 370,000 had signed up for health coverage as of Monday, the original sign-up deadline — 293,802 for Medicaid and 77,027 for private insurance.

In Franklin County, 2,772 enrolled in Medicaid while 650 purchased insurance plans, according to data from Beshear’s office.

Those seeking coverage in the extended period must attest that they encountered problems while applying for plans Monday. Applications must be complete by midnight April 11 and plans selected by midnight April 15, per the release.

The next open enrollment period begins Nov. 15.

“This will be the last chance for most people to sign up for private health plans and possibly receive discounts until the fall open enrollment period,” said Carrie Banahan, executive director of kynect.

“We strongly encourage those who still need to select a plan to do so as soon as possible. Those who have started applications should work to complete them quickly too, to reduce possible wait times toward the end of the grace period.”

Kynect can be accessed on the Web at kynect.ky.gov or through its call center, 1-855-4kynect 7 a.m. to midnight on weekdays and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekends.

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  • We certainly had (still have) a problem with so many uninsured people in a civilized society. I just wonder here in Kentucky if we'd have been better off expanding Medicaid and leaving the rest to go into the national exchanges. For all of the hoopla (and bureaucracy), we added 77027 people to private insurance plans, and how many of those were replacing existing "low quality"plans? So net...how many new people did we insure outside of Medicaid?

    And the elephant is still in the living room...who pays when the Feds quit subsidizing the new Medicaid enrollees? 

  • The only failure regarding ACA is the 800 million the Koch Bros. wasted to derail it, the 24 billion cost of the republican government shutdown to repeal it, the 54 votes in the House to repeal it and the 4 years Fox News has wasted trying to get people to hate it.

  • ukfan, April 7, 2014 9:58AM

    "According to the Louisville Courier-Journal on 3/31/14 they stated that 40% of all Kentuckians are now covered."

    Some idiots think that that is a bad thing...

  • According to the Louisville Courier-Journal on 3/31/14 they stated that 40% of all Kentuckians are now covered.

  • What a great idea to extend a scam.....KY has 640,000 uninsured. If Obamacare is so great then why didn't all 640,000 sign up? If it's so great why are people waiting until the last day to sign up and need an extension? You cannot count medicare/caid sign ups because they had insurance regardless of Obamdemacare..... Only about 12.5 % of the 640,000 signed up , let me say that again 12.5%....remember this is supposed to great and its also the "LAW" yet only 12.5% of uninsured Kyians fell for the scam; ooopps I mean signed up.