UPDATED: Surveillance photos released in vandalism case

Tires slashed on state-owned vehicles

By Kristina Belcher, Published:

Frankfort Police said two teenagers may be responsible for more than 20 vehicles — many state-owned — that were vandalized early Wednesday morning.

Capt. Robert Warfel said officers were called to the parking garage behind the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet on Mero Street just before 5 a.m. after someone noticed damage to some of the vehicles parked there.

When officers arrived, Warfel said the damage spread farther than they originally thought. A total of 21 damaged vehicles were found in both the parking garage and in the parking lot behind the apartment buildings at 700 Wilkinson Blvd.

Some were personally owned, he said, but many were state-issued vehicles.

Nearly all of them had their tires slashed.

“Some had four tires cut, some had two tires cut, some had one tire cut,” he said.

A few vehicles also had other damage to their windows or doors. Warfel said the suspect or suspects stole some minor items — such as change — out of those.

Warfel said surveillance footage from the parking garage showed two males — who appeared to be in their late teens — hanging around some of the damaged vehicles.

The footage also allegedly shows them swinging an unknown object toward at least one of the vehicles.

The two covered their faces with their shirts, Warfel said.

If caught, those responsible will likely face charges for criminal mischief.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Frankfort Police at 502-875-8523.

Tips can also be given anonymously through Frankfort Crime Stoppers by calling 502-875-8648 or online at www.frankfortcrimestoppers.com. 

Anonymous tips can also be sent through text message to 274637 by typing FCS and then the tip.

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  • This case should be a number one priority for Sheriff Melton and his crew, since they obviously have very little else to do (but sit around on stake-outs watching for someone to enter an apartment to buy drugs.  That could take days...

  • I see and THANKS TO THE STATE JOURNAL! Lets all hope somebody will recognize these hoodlums and make them pay for the damage that they cause to our vehicles.

  • Hey Bodeen I think they read your post. Pictures!!

  • Criminal Mischief???  really?  is that all?  What about Damaging state property? Trespassing? stealing?

  • user_33655 it is perfectly alright to disagree with me. I can't make everybody be right  ;-)

  • Agree!  Many times, major announcements will be in the paper (boil water advisory, major FEWPB outage, road closure, crime stoppers requests) and the articles are locked.  How is that helping the community?  And most times, the statements are put out by the sheriff's office or another organization.  They aren't "original" to the SJ.

  • I usually don't agree with Bodeen about anything, but he/she makes a good point about unlocking stories that will benefit the community.

  • Please post surveillance footage UNLOCKED in this paper if any. Too many times I have seen crime stories of police wanting information just for the story to be locked. Not everybody subscribes to online service and it would better the chances of identifying these thugs. Do it as a public service for the community. It shouldn't be all about money!