Knives and guns from Richie Farmer era go up for auction

Bidding begins May 5 at Fish and Wildlife headquarters

State Journal staff report, Published:

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is auctioning 13 Remington rifles and 16 Case knives linked to a criminal investigation of its former commissioner, Richie Farmer, who now sits behind bars in a West Virginia penitentiary.

The firearms and knives were purchased for visiting commissioners attending the 2008 Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture in Lexington, though Farmer eventually took the items for himself. Farmer, 44, was sentenced to 27 months in prison after pleading guilty to misusing public funds for his personal benefit.

The Department of Agriculture has set the auction for 9 a.m. May 5 at the Kentucky Department for Fish and Wildlife Resources headquarters, 1 Sportsman’s Lane. Viewing will begin at 8 a.m., and paperwork and background checks must be completed onsite before the rifles are released, according to a press release from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said the auction represents “a way to make something positive out of what was an unfortunate situation,” adding he looks forward to recouping some of the tax dollars spent on the items.

“I hope collectors around Kentucky will bid aggressively on these items knowing that their dollars will go toward something worthwhile,” Comer said in a news release. “The winning bidders can forever point to these items as their contribution toward changing the culture in Frankfort.”

Additional information on the auction is available by calling 502-564-4696.

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  • Ritchie wasn't promoting Kentucky Proud Marketing...he was promoting Ritchie.  This dumb mofo actually had further political aspirations.

  • user_33460 The plant you are talking about was built in 1997 but the entire history of this manufacturer is in the northeast. I cannot say if this model was built there or not since both of their plants manufactures firarms but my point being is Remington is not a genuine Kentucky name. The Kentucky Proud Marketing was designed to promote Strictly Kentucky made products. Case knives??

  • Bodeen,

    Remington has a plant in Mayfield. I'm not sure if tney make 700s there(the model those guns appear to be) and couldn't find an answer on Google, but it wouldn't surprise me if they do.


  • According to Sheriff Melton's standards. with all of these guns and knives Ritchie must have been in some Detroit Drug Gang...

  • Why would our Commissioner buy other states products just to ingrave our states name on them to promote our own products. There are a lot of whys about this commissioner but one thing for sure, They're no whys about him being in prison.