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March restaurant inspections


Restaurant Inspections

The Franklin County Health Department inspects restaurants and other food service establishments at least twice a year. Retail food establishments are inspected at least once a year. Food storage, sanitation, preparation, personnel, equipment facilities and other health conditions are checked. The inspections can be viewed on the health department’s website,

Each asterisk (*) indicates one critical violation. If an establishment has a critical violation, it fails the inspection and is inspected again with 10 days. The scores for the regular and follow-up inspections are shown for establishments that had critical violations.

A perfect score is 100. Points are subtracted if department guidelines are not met. Below is a breakdown of scores.

For those listed under food/service establishments there are two scores. The first is for the food service and the second is for the retail section of the establishment.

85-100 without a critical violation means the establishment is in compliance with departmental guidelines.

70-84 without a critical violation calls for another inspection within 30 days.

70 and below means the establishment is automatically served notice of the department’s intention to suspend its permit.

March inspections

>Asian Buffet, 108 Brighton Park Shopping Center, 73****

Violations: Ice cream is dispensed by customers and not protected by a sneeze shield, food in coolers/freezers is double stacked without being covered/protected; personal drinks stored in the food preparation area; raw wood shelves used for storage, rusted shelf in walk-in cooler; grocery bags used as direct contact for food storage bags, tables are improperly glued together and is not a food contact surface; knives stored in cardboard and between fixed equipment; fountain drink nozzles are soiled; wrap used for food is not protected; hose connected at the 2-compartment sink and no back flow provided at connection; no self-closing door on employees’ restroom, no hand cleaner or sanitary towels provided in the employees’ restrooms; no sanitary towels provided at the food preparation hand sink; floor is soiled in the back stop room; cardboard used as a floor covering in the walk-in cooler, also floor is soiled in the back room; fly strip used for fly control in the back storage room; apron stored on food container shelf across from the dishwasher; soiled linen improperly stored on the sprayer at disposal.

Follow up inspection: 100. Previous issues corrected.

>BP Foodmart, 895 Louisville Road, 93 (food), 98 (retail)

Violations: Food being stored in beer cooler, on floor; no thermometer in beer cooler; no long-stem thermometer; no thermometer in freezer in kitchen; no hair restraints; no labels on food containers/storage in cooler.

>Brick Alley, 323 St. Clair Mall, 99

Violation: Missing floor tiles in women’s restroom.

>Campfire Kitchen, 3624 Georgetown Road, 100

>Candleberry Tea Room, 1502 Louisville Road, 100

>Capital Grill & Deli, 405 Wilkinson Blvd., 95

Violations: Hair restraints not used by all food service employees; walk-in cooler door basket is torn and in bad repair, cart is repaired with duct tape; bar hand sink did not have sanitary towels or hand cleaner, food preparation sink did not have sanitary towels.

>Cornerstone Art & Event Gallery, 100 E. Broadway, 89*

Violations: Beverage air-cooler at 61 degrees (no potentially hazardous food in cooler at time of inspection); Awesome Orange cleaner stored with crock pots and linens in mop sink, glass cleaner and citrus cleaner stored with toothpicks and go-cup lids; potatoes stored directly on ground in kitchen; cutting boards with deep cuts, unable to properly clean and sanitize; linen stored in mop sink; clean pans, cutting boards stored with mints and food service wrap box on top.

Follow up inspection: 95. Previous issues corrected. Beverage air cooler reading 42 degrees (no potentially hazardous food — repair).

>Duckers Lake, 98 Buena Vista, 95

Violations: Inside of some coolers, cabinets in pro shop (sugar, creamer storage area) had food buildup; cutting boards with deep cuts — resurface or replace.

>Golden Living Center, 117 Old Soldiers Lane, 98

Violations: Food service is using sanitizer at 200 P.P.M., sanitizer is good but health inspector has requested they switch to chlorine sanitizer at 100 P.P.M. until further notice; a sanitizer test kit for chlorine was provided by Health Department in an unusual circumstance; a demonstration with sink was done by inspector on how to use sanitizer; no sanitary towels provided at the hand sink, manager did require staff to immediately install towels in dispenser.

>Investors Heritage Insurance, 200 Capital Ave., 100

>Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1411 Versailles Road, 100

>La Fiesta Grande, 334 St. Clair St., 88**

Violations: Sanitizer at automatic dishwasher is at zero-level; spoons/forks stored inverted, beer glasses/mugs stored with food in reach-in coolers; hand sink in dishwasher area is blocked by soiled dishes/pans; towel dispenser at hand sink is not dispensing towels properly; no covered waste can provided in the women’s restroom; hand sink is cracked and in bad repair.

Follow up inspection: 96. Sanitizer issue corrected immediately —manager primed sanitizer to dispense properly and had employees re-wash all dishes; soiled pans/dishes were moved to make hand sink accessible; all other items should be corrected as soon as possible.

>La Fiesta Grande, 3145 Versailles Road, 94

Violations: Walk-in freezer door gasket is torn and in bad repair, door is not completely closing when shut; food wrap is out of original box and not protected from dust; hole in wall is not protected with a grate; brooms stored directly on the floor, also coat stored on food shelf in contact with food containers.

>Long Shots Cocktail Lounge, 765 Holmes St., 93

Violations: Only one drain board provided on the back three-compartment sink; sanitary towel dispenser in restroom is out of batteries and not dispensing towels; lights in food prep area are not hard bulbs or properly shielded; sponge mop used on floors.

> McDonalds, 310 Versailles Road, 96

Violations: Ice scoop at drive-thru is stored with the handle down in the ice; coat/jacket improperly stored behind coffee equipment.

>The Meeting House Cafe, 519 Ann St., 100

>Mero Street Cafe, 200 Mero St., 95* (food), 100 (retail)

Violations: Cabinet door at drink fountain is in bad repair; final rinse temperature at automatic dishwasher was below the required minimum temperature.

Follow up inspection: 100. Previous issues corrected.

>Noah’s Ark Daycare, 1009 Mojave Trail, 100

>River Bend Food Mart, 20 Devils Hollow Access, 97 (food), 98 (retail)

Violations: Dust on vents in beer cave; ice buildup on pipes in beer cave; seals torn on large coolers; freezer behind deli has no thermometer; back door in deli has gap at bottom; meat on baking sheets in back is not labeled or stored in air tight container; bowl with food in cooler is not labeled.

>Steak-N-Shake, 335 Leonardwood Drive, 99

Violation: Sponge in hand sink.

>Subway, 603 Eastwood Shopping Center, 96

Violations: Bag of onions stored directly on the floor; personal items (purse) stored by utensils/food equipment on shelf.

>Sweet Frog, 101 Jett Blvd., Suite N 500, 98

Violation: Broom head directly on floor.

>Tiny Tots Learning Daycare, 1491 Twilight Trail, 100

>Two Sisters, 1410 Versailles Road, Suite 2, 100

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