Child hit by truck on Wilkinson Boulevard

Boy sustained injuries to his face and head, but was conscious and talking, officials said

State Journal staff report, Published:

A young child was hit by a pickup truck Monday morning as he crossed Wilkinson Boulevard.

Frankfort Police Capt. Robert Warfel said 84-year-old James Polsgrove of Frankfort was driving along Wilkinson Boulevard when the first-grader darted in front of his vehicle. The boy was headed from an apartment complex to River View Park, Warfel said.

The boy sustained injuries to his head and face, but was conscious and talking as an ambulance transported him to Frankfort Regional Medical Center, Warfel said.

Nearby construction workers told police officers Polsgrove was driving at a safe speed at the time of the accident. The incident is still under investigation.

That area of Wilkinson Boulevard is currently one lane in each direction, as construction work continues to replace aging concrete on the roadway.

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  • this child is a menber of my family...i'm just thankful that he is alive...i dont know why he would this.his mother takes good care of her kids and i know she would have whipped his butt if she knew he has done this without getting hit..the man that hit him was not at fault...just want to thank him for leaving the seen..dale is going to be ok from what i

      have been told...thank you Dear God for letting us keep him....

  • It sounds to me like what we have is a bad situation all around, regardless of the age of the driver involved.

    One of the main reasons why speed limits tend to be ~25mph in neighborhoods is that children can and often do jump out in front of moving cars, and ideally a slow speed will give the driver time to react.

    I doubt that any driver moving down Wilkinson Boulevard(especially during rush hour) really expects a child to jump out in front of them, and regardless of their age, I don't know how many would be able to react appropriately at the typical speeds on Wilkinson. Combine this with the current traffic situation there, which-with the construction-is often bumper to bumper.

    My heart breaks for the child and the family involved, and I pray that he will be alright.

    From the description in the paper and what I know about the area, I doubt that things would have unfolded any differently had the driver been 20 or 40 rather than 80.

  • Oh tafugate, it is very ignorant and uneducated to make that statement. You do not know this man and to judge a person's abilities or lack thereof based on a number/age is ignorant.  Prayers for all involved. 

  • You can't say that he doesn't either. It varies from person to person. I tend to agree with Jessa on this one.

  • jessa, i've been driving 45 years without an accident.  and that's not without idiot drivers going out of their way to challenge that streak.  but the one thing that's pulled me out of a lot of potentially nasty situations, is i expect drivers, cyclists, pedestrians (particularly little kids), everyone around me to do the stupidest thing they could possibly do.  and they often don't disappoint.  i didn't say the guy did do anything wrong.  but you also can't say an 84-year-old has the situational awareness and reflexes of a 40-year-old.  to suggest otherwise, or discount the possibility from existing, is blatant ignorance.

  • tafugate: 'even though an 84-year-old probably has the reflexes/situational awareness of someone who's just smoked a joint or two, or consumed a 12 pack of beer'

    I can't even put in words how ignorant and inappropriate that statement is. I was two cars behind the truck that struck this little boy. I was absolutely devistated when it happened and I thought the child was dead (THANK GOD HE ISN'T) but the driver of the truck did nothing wrong. Can you imagine being in their shoes and hitting a child?

    Being around a construction area I would have NEVER let my child let go of my hand. But be as it may, the child ran off on his own which caused the accident in the first place. I pray for everyone involved.

  • I work in the tower and face the river.  This accident happened right in the middle of lunch rush.  who in their right mind would allow a 6-7 year old out alone during lunch hour to cross such a busy street.  We shouldn't be so worried about the driver being 84, instead  where were the parents or sitter?

  • even though an 84-year-old probably has the reflexes/situational awareness of someone who's just smoked a joint or two, or consumed a 12 pack of beer, a first grader should not be out running around in traffic on their own.  the parents/guardians should be charged with some sort of negligence.

  • Valid point user_38687, but CPS might.

  • The parents are blaming someone, right now. I bet it isn't themselves.

  • That sentence in the story was awkwardly written.  Instead of saying, "84-year-old James Polsgrove of Frankfort", it should have been James Polsgrove, 84, Frankfort".  Leading that phrase with the age gives an implied importance to that part of the man's description, instead of simply laying out facts for the reader.

  • I haven't worked at a newspaper for many years, but I have always understood that the age of a driver in an injury accident is always reported, unless it's left out by mistake.

  • Agree. The age that does matter is a 7 year old not in school and heading to a park to play. That road is way to busy right now with the construction and traffic the way it is for a child to be left unattended.

  • At what age does the driver's age become news?

  • A six-year-old was crossing Wilkinson Blvd. by himself?  Not a safe thing to do anytime, but even more dangerous now with the construction traffic.  Where was the adult who was supposed to be watching him?  Somebody should be charged with child endangerment.  It's a wonder the child wasn't killed or more severely injured.  I feel sorry for Mr. Polsgrove, who is probably blaming himself...and wondering who else will blame him because of his age.