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The Franklin County Health Department inspects restaurants and other food service establishments at least twice a year. Retail food establishments are inspected at least once a year. Food storage, sanitation, preparation, personnel, equipment facilities and other health conditions are checked. The inspections can be viewed on the health department’s website,

Each asterisk (*) indicates one critical violation. If an establishment has a critical violation, it fails the inspection and is inspected again with 10 days. The scores for the regular and follow-up inspections are shown for establishments that had critical violations.

A perfect score is 100. Points are subtracted if department guidelines are not met. Below is a breakdown of scores.

For those listed under food/service establishments there are two scores. The first is for the food service and the second is for the retail section of the establishment.

85-100 without a critical violation means the establishment is in compliance with departmental guidelines.

70-84 without a critical violation calls for another inspection within 30 days.

70 and below means the establishment is automatically served notice of the department’s intention to suspend its permit.


>Bondurant Middle School, Bondurant Drive, 100

>Bridgeport Elementary School, 10 Doctors Drive, 100

>Chili’s Bar & Grill, 345 Leonardwood Drive, 98

Violations: Cutting boards (attached and unattached to equipment) have deep cuts; inside of bottom drawer (below ribs) on pipeline has some grease, food buildup — clean and sanitize.

>China Buffet, 1300 Suite B, U.S. 127 South, 89

Violations: MSG scoop is stored with handle down in product; not all employees had proper hair restraints; cookies stored under bar in a non-food grade bag; plastic food pans are cracked and in bad repair; reach-in cooler condensation pans are not maintained properly; cooler door rails have a heavy soil buildup; single service cups are stored directly on the floor; ceiling tile over wok is in bad repair; light in reach-in cooler is not shielded; coat stored on single-service cup boxes.

>Collins Lane Elementary, 1 Cougar Lane, 98

Violations: Rinse gauge on automatic dishwasher is not working properly.

>Cooter Browns, 10 Century Plaza, 100

>Early Learning Village, 200 Laralan Ave., 100

>Elkhorn Elementary, 928 E. Main St., 100

>Elkhorn Middle School, 1060 E. Main St., 100

>Farmers Bank Cafeteria, Farmers Bank Plaza, 100

>Firehouse Cafe, 1001 Wilkinson Blvd., 100 (food), 100 (retail)

>Frankfort High School, 328 Shelby St., 99

Violation: Single service spoons/forks not dispensed to students/staff with handles inverted.

>Franklin County Baseball Concessions, 1100 E. Main St., 100

>Franklin County High School, 1100 E. Main St., 100

>Gibby’s, 204 W. Broadway, 100

>Hampton Inn, 1310 U.S. 127 South, 99

Violation: Walls need paint.

>Hearn Elementary School, 300 Copperleaf Blvd., 100

>Kingdom Enterprises of Georgetown, 833 Frankfort Plaza, 100

>Kroger, 1389 U.S. 127 South, 92* (food), 96* (retail)

Violations: Personal drink stored in ice machine in the meat department, also personal drink stored by and over food in the sushi department; deli wash gauge on automatic dishwasher is not working; birds in store; no ceiling provided over sushi department to protect against dust/birds.

Follow up inspection: 99 (food), 100 (retail). Previous issues corrected.

>Lady Wolverines Fast Pitch, Bondurant Drive, 99

Violation: Napkins improperly stored on mop sink.

>Peaks Mill Elementary, 100 Peaks Mill Road, 98

Violations: Automatic dishwasher temperature is below 1500 degrees on Energy Saver mode and 1700 degrees (too hot) on normal mode.

>Sally Gaines Softball Field, 100 E. Main St., 100

>Second Street School, 506 W. Second St., 100

>Subway, 603 Eastwood Shopping Center, 100

>The Frankfort Christian Academy, 1349A U.S. 421 South, 98

Violation: No sanitizer test kit provided.

>Western Hills High School, 100 Doctors Drive, 100

>Westridge Elementary School, 200 Pebblebrook Way, 100



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