Meet the new faces at The State Journal

Five journalists bring excitement and expertise to positions at newspaper

By Shannon Brock, Published:

Five new staff members have joined The State Journal newsroom over the course of the last several months. Each is equally excited to join the newspaper as well as the Franklin County community.

Seth Littrell joined The State Journal March 31 as the local government reporter; Brad Bowman came on board May 12 as the education reporter; John Minor joined the staff June 2 as a sports reporter; and Susan Moore and Bobby Ellis are the newest additions, beginning their roles July 7 as Spectrum editor and photographer, respectively.

‘Wherever I’m needed’

Seth Littrell came to The State Journal after spending the better part of a year with The Richmond Register in Richmond.

“I’m the city and county government reporter,” Littrell said of his role at The State Journal. “I do some photography, general news, help out wherever I’m needed.”

Littrell said this position is similar to the one he held in Richmond.

“I did basically the same job except there was another city (to cover) and more photography,” he said.

An Indepedence native and a 2013 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Littrell said he’s happy to be in Frankfort serving this community.

“I like Frankfort,” he said. “I like the city, and I like the people here.”

“It reminds me more of Northern Kentucky, where I grew up. It’s more diverse with different ideas floating around. It’s kind of refreshing.”

Littrell encourages community members to contact him at with ideas or suggestions.

He replaces Ryan Quinn who is now a reporter at The Charleston Gazette in Charleston, W.Va.

‘Everybody has a story’

Brad Bowman joins the staff after spending nearly two years at the Henry County Local as news editor and after a short stint with The Sentinel News in Shelbyville.

“As the education reporter, I focus on the school systems and telling the stories of people in Franklin County,” Bowman said.

“I love to do it. Everybody has a story and I want to be the one to tell it.”

A 2011 graduate of Northern Kentucky University, Bowman decided to enter the journalism field after a 17-year career as a chef. He is the nephew of the late Todd Duvall, longtime opinion editor of The State Journal.

“Instead of being in a kitchen where I might change the menu every 60 days, my day and my schedule changes,” Bowman said. “It’s constantly different.”

A resident of South Frankfort, Bowman said he is enjoying getting to know the town, its history and the people in it.

“There’s more going on here than I thought there would be with the downtown concerts and just the community involvement,” he said. “It’s progressing in a right way that’s not only minded in preservation and progress, but in a responsible way. That’s the kind of place everybody wants to live.”

Bowman replaces Kristie Hamon, who now works in the marketing department at Buffalo Trace. He can be contacted at

‘Fulfilling a dream’

John Minor most recently worked as a reporter for The Paper of Montgomery County in Crawfordsville, Ind., and is excited to get back to his Kentucky roots.

A native of Morganfield in Union County, Minor is a 2013 graduate of Northern Kentucky University.

“I always wanted to cover Kentucky high school sports, so I see this job as fulfilling a dream that I’ve had for a while, a career goal, if you will.”

As much as Minor loves sports, he also loves Frankfort.

“I love the town, love the people, and I’m glad to be here,” he said.

“Sports just isn’t a job for me. If I didn’t have this job, it would still be a passion. It’s a hobby of mine. It’s a good fit that I get to do what I would do as a hobby as a job.”

Minor encourages local sports fans to contact him at with story ideas or just to start up a conversation.

“I’ve never shied away from a conversation,” he said. “Anybody who wants to talk sports, I will talk with them and enjoy it.”

Minor replaces Nate Parsons who went back to college to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher.

‘A community link’

Susan Moore isn’t a stranger to the Frankfort community having spent the last 12 years as secretary at Elkhorn Middle School.

“Once my husband (Rob Moore) and I had a family, I was fortunate to be able to be on our children’s schedule and work within the school system,” Moore said. “Now that they’re grown, I’ve been able to come back to what I love. I’m appreciative of the opportunity to work in the newspaper business and newspaper field again.”

Early in her career, Moore worked for The Courier-Journal and the San Diego Union Tribune.

Moore said she sees her role as Spectrum editor as being a “community link.”

“It’s being a link between the newspaper and our Frankfort community,” she said. “To bring a broad spectrum of ideas to the table.”

A Louisville native, Moore graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1980.

“When we first moved to Frankfort, former publisher Al Dix gave me my first opportunity to write in this community in doing a United Way series, which I truly appreciate,” she said.

Moore is glad to once again be a part of The State Journal family.

“I’m excited and honored to be here in this position after being in Frankfort for 27 years,” she said.

Moore replaces Phil Case who was promoted to editor. She can be contacted at

‘Adding human faces’

After spending six months in Nebraska City, Neb., as a reporter, Bobby Ellis is glad to get back to his photography roots.

“I find interesting images that help add to the stories in the paper,” Ellis said. “I add human faces to those stories.”

“I went to school for photojournalism. It’s what I did for four years in college. It’s nice to get back into it, even after six months, I could feel the rust building.”

A classmate of State Journal photographer Dylan Buell at Ball State University, Ellis is a native of Shoals, Ind.

“It is a tiny, tiny town,” he said. “I graduated with 52 kids from the public high school. My mom is judge, my dad’s a trucker. I was in 4-H for 10 years, competed with horses.”

Ellis performed stand-up comedy in college and invites those who meet him to share some funny stories.

“I like to think that I really like listening to stories from people,” he said. “I’m kind of a mellow guy, but I’m pretty outgoing.”

He can be contacted at Ellis replaces Hannah Brown who was promoted to assistant news editor.

He said Buell and Brown will be a tough act to follow.

“Hopefully, I do a good job,” he said. “Dylan and Hannah have set the bar pretty high. Hopefully I’m able to come in and use what talents I think I’ve got and make some very good storytelling photos that portray the community in Frankfort in a good way and a creative way.”

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  • It is like some folks are overly defensive about their racial attitudes...over-compensating for them, as it were.  BTW, diversity is not just about race, ahem! There was just one woman hired too.  And what about investigative reporters...are they adequately represented here?

  • Not sure what you folks thought I wrote but I didn't say anyone at the paper is racist - I simply noted the FACT that there is no diversity in the new hies.  Anyone who can see the picture can see it.

  • Just because there are no non-whites does not mean that there is racism going on.  I believe that the best qualified were hired and let's give them the benefit of the doubt and not be name calling. 

  • Didn't meet your quota did they curious?  From your comment I have to assume you were intimately involved in the hiring process and know for certain who the other applicants were (if any) and that Mr. Case and others systematically avoided hiring anyone that isn't white.  Its very disconcerting to find out the local paper is run by a bunch of racists.

  • Unfortunate the line-up of new personnel at the paper doesn't seem to reflect the racial diversity in our community.  Hope they are broad-minded and do outreach to appeal to stories of interest to all our residents.

  • We won't need an investigative report when we have Bruno Uno as sheriff. Write in!!!!


  • Which one is the investigative reporter?  

  • I wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing your work in the State Journal!