An eye on the uninsured


Daily News, Bowling Green

People who dont have car insurance have no business getting behind the wheel of a car and they need to be tracked and made to be insured.

Effective Jan. 1, Kentucky will begin tracking drivers on a monthly basis to make sure drivers are insured.

This comes after the General Assembly passed a measure last year that will require the roughly 300 companies who issue auto coverage in the state to provide the Department of Vehicle Registration with list of its policyholders, and cancellations in the previous month.

The measure is modeled after similar laws in 17 other states.

Upon receiving the information state officials will compare those lists with vehicle registrations and notify uninsured drivers that their registration will be canceled if they dont obtain insurance within 30 days. If the state cancels a vehicles registration three times in a year, it will forward the owners name to the county attorneys office for prosecution in district court.

This seems like a very sound system that will keep uninsured drivers off of Kentucky highways.

Driving without insurance in our state is a huge problem. It is estimated that 12 percent of Kentuckys approximately 3 million registered vehicles are uninsured.

Many uninsured motorists have limited assets. This has very bad implications if you are involved in a collision where the other driver is at fault. If you are seriously injured, being made financially whole is difficult.

The new law should make it a lot easier for law enforcement to identify in a more timely manner who has insurance and who doesnt.

We are confident that this new measure will have a profound impact on keeping uninsured drivers off the road and prosecuting those who scoff at this very reasonable law.

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