For the price of a book


Every day that passes, the new Paul Sawyier Library on Wapping St. looks more and more like the impressive building shown last year in architects drawings.

The outer walls are in place. The roof is nearly complete. Its been fun for the public to watch as the new library rises out of the old city parking lot.

Conventional wisdom about fund-raising efforts is that getting the early money is easy. The hard part is the final amount to meet a specific goal.

So far, the fund-raising drive for the new library has reached nearly $300,000 among businesses and community leaders. Now the public will be asked to contribute $200,000 toward an overall goal of $500,000.

We dont believe thats going to be at all difficult.

Thats because the thousands of residents young and old alike who use the current library know very well how important that library is to themselves individually and to the community as a whole.

They are all-too-well aware of the problems with the current building it was never meant to be a library despite extensive renovations of the historic structure over the years. There are hardly enough parking spaces for library staff, and a pitiful few for patrons. Its hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

The list is practically endless.

And those thousands of regular library users know how much money they save every year by checking out a book that otherwise would cost more than $20 to buy for themselves. Indeed, two books a month from Paul Sawyier represents annual savings of $500 or more.

So we believe those library patrons will step forward eagerly to contribute toward the $500,000, money that will be used complete the new librarys special collections room, buy computers for the technology room itself something to look forward to special shelving and landscaping of the exterior.

Indeed, if everyone in Franklin County who even occasionally uses the library contributes the price of the new Stephen King thriller, there will be more than enough money to meet and exceed the $500,000 goal.

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