Time to meet the clients


It is routine for architects to meet with their clients and take into consideration the clients concerns about a proposed building project. After all, the clients are paying for the building.

So it is appropriate if a bit late in the game for the architect of the planned public safety building at Second and Steele streets to meet next week with some of the people paying his fees to consider criticism of the design of the building.

That design has been the focus of keen interest and concern since a photograph was published in The State Journal recently. Much of the criticism has centered on the box-like, stepped back form of the new building, which is budgeted at $9.5 million to $9.9 million. Some have called the building a bunker and unsuitable to the historic architecture found throughout Frankfort.

Architect Keith Reeves of Architects Design Group of Winter Park, Fla., has agreed to meet with critics March 28 to take into consideration suggestions from local historic preservationists and architects. Mayor Bill May Jr. says hes amenable to changing the design as long as the changes dont increase the cost or further delay construction of the public safety building.

Since May has been pushing the building since before he took office, and the current price tag is considerably less than what May once was willing to spend on it, a six-month delay wont be the end of the world as May envisions it. The suggestions for changes in the design, from our limited perspective, dont appear to be all that expensive to make, if at all.

What is important is that the public safety building be a fitting addition to the capital citys landscape, particularly since it is sited on one of the citys main entrances.

While it is true than anything will be an improvement over the current Police Headquarters itself a converted grocery store the taxpayers of Frankfort nonetheless are spending nearly $10 million of their money. They not the mayor or the City Commission should be satisfied with what they are buying.

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