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Get rid

of voting leave

To the Editor:

Kudos to State Auditor Crit Luallen for her efforts regarding abuse of the state policy of allowing employees four hours off (with pay) in order to vote. As someone who spent 18 years in the private sector where such generosities did not exist, one either voted before or after work or on lunch break.

Imagine my chagrin later when I encountered more than a few fellow state workers who boasted that they didnt vote but they happily took the time off with pay.That irked me then and it still does. Our General Assembly should repeal that law a.s.a.p. and abusers of that law should be docked four hourspay for each incident. We all know who will grouse the loudest or just maybe they would be embarrassed enough to not make a peep.

Martha Buchwald


Likes the

Bark Park

To the Editor:

I witnessed the grand opening of the Bark Park in Frankfort this April 11. It is in a beautiful setting in East Frankfort Park. Its well fenced, has some nice trees, a stream, benches for the humans, mutt bags and a trash can for deposits. All the necessities for a dog to have a fun time.

My congratulations tothe city commissioners and thosefrom our cityParks and Recreation branch and to all who worked on this project. Any dog owner in Frankfort and surrounding towns must take advantage of this addition to our city. It a woof and a bark extravaganza. Its located on the road next to the citys East Frankfort pool area.

Gail M. Watkins


Historic house abandoned

To the Editor:

It was with a sad heart that I read the article in the Courier-Journal on March 22 concerning the Henry Crist house in Bullitt County.

The Henry Crist house is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a fine example of early architecture constructed using huge stone blocks. Joseph Aud built the two-story house circa 1820. The house stands in a rural area at the end of Maraman Lane off KY 1604.

The house has been vacant for ten years and the current owners are not interested in its preservation. When presented with the historic significance of the house, the owner is quoted as saying, Dont matter to us. We dont care. So what. A committee has been formed to try to save the house but the asking price of $500,000 plus another $1,000,000 to move it, as per request of the owner, is cost prohibitive.

How is it possible that the laws of the commonwealth do not protect a historical landmark? Why is it that just because the house is in a rural area there are no regulations that would require private owners to be responsible owners? How many other historic treasures have been destroyed because they happen to be in the possession of someone who does not care?

Myra Evans-Dalton



let down

To the Editor:

We have so many adults complaining about children in our community and how disrespectful they are, but what can they do besides sit in the house looking at the garbage that is presented to them on television and/or hang out in the streets and parks in our community where drug dealers linger to get childrens attention with their bling-bling, fancy cars with a booming system and tight 20s (rims), wads of money, and new name-brand clothing? Really think about it, what else can they do?

The National Youth Sports Program was a wonderful program for our children last year and the years before. However, the children who were looking forward to the program again for this coming summer had their spirits dampened by a letter stating that there would be no NYSP due to the legislature not approving the grant.

As a parent, a student at Kentucky State University, a member of this Frankfort Community and a tax-paying citizen, it hurts to know that my children are among those who will have nothing except wishes for some structured activity for them to take part in.

My history and heart are at Kentucky State University, and I feel that the university is failing us as a community. What happens to money that my grandparents, my father, my aunt, my uncle, other members of my family and members of my church family have put into KSU?

It is our desire as parents to see our children go and further their education and carry on family traditions to attend Kentucky State University upon completion of their senior year in high school, yet the university is failing them as children.

Our children learned that KSU turned them down to having the Frankfort Youth Football League East and West Championship game at the stadium last season due to a newly created fee system that the FYFL couldnt afford to pay. In the past Frankfort High used KSUs track for track practice, but due to the same fee system cant afford to have practice there any longer. If the facilities arent being used, whats the problem? KSU should be a proud institution supporting and encouraging our children of this capital c ity. Its a way to influence positively our childrens lives and build a relationship with children, making them eager and wanting to continue being a part of the university that has always greeted them with open arms. I know because I was a child in this community once. However, my children dont have that same outlook. They are being torn away each time theyre turned away.

Everyones main concern anymore is money, and we are losing focus on our children, our future. We are pushing them into the streets.

My question is this: where does the community want our children? Trust me; all of our children are part of the community. Their lives will affect all of us one way or another.

Shaheen Black


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