Ordinance still ridiculous


Five years ago, when the City Commission passed an ordinance that effectively ended garbage pickup in the Valley View Mobile Home Park on Holmes Street, we wondered how the city could cut off a basic service to residents who pay the same occupational and property taxes as everyone else in Frankfort.

The street in the mobile home park may not be up to city codes, but how many of the narrow, winding and hilly city streets in older neighborhoods north and south of City Hall would meet todays codes? Not many.

Anyway, the City Commission passed the ordinance in 2001 banning city trucks from streets not maintained by the city. And the garbage trucks just kept picking up garbage inside the Valley View Mobile Home Park as if the ordinance didnt exist.

Until, that is, May 7, when park owner Roger Crall has been notified the garbage trucks will no longer enter the park because of the five-year-old ordinance.

Crall has been given four options by City Hall: Dedicate the street to the city, have residents bring their trash to Holmes St., hire a private trash service or obtain private liability insurance on the street.

Since a city truck is a city truck, does this mean city fire trucks will not venture onto that street should a fire break out in a mobile home? Is the street so perilous that a resident having a heart attack must make his or her way to Homes St. to meet a city ambulance? Will city police cars not venture into the Valley View Mobile Home Park to investigate a crime since the owner doesnt have liability insurance? Will the Plant Board no longer be able to install service or read meters in the park because its trucks cannot venture on the street?

And have city garbage trucks had problems negotiating the mobile home park in the five years they have been collecting garbage there contrary to the ordinance?

The ordinance was ridiculous when it was passed over Cralls objections in 2001. It still is ridiculous in 2006. And the fact that everyone apparently ignored the ordinance for five years proves once and for all time how ridiculous it really is.

The final irony is that city commissioners running for re-election in November and their challengers will see fit to drive that mobile home park street soliciting votes from residents.

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