An opera in the key of denial

BERLIN Self-censorship out of fear is how the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, described the... More

  • By Anne Applebaum
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A reckless foul-up

Its bad enough that public employees have key identity information about millions of people on... More

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Say no to nukes

Suddenly, nuclear power is in vogue. At the G-8 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, President Bush... More

  • By Jeremy Rifkin
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A State of Denial?

WASHINGTON -- While leading the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in the summer of... More

  • By George F. Will
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An important election

The Daily Independent, Ashland On Nov. 7, all 335 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and... More

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A fast-track promotion

The Kentucky Enquirer, Fort Mitchell The Fletcher administration continues to display its genius... More

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The real enemy is Islamism

Ever since 9/11, a dark view of Islam has been gaining currency on what might be called the... More

  • By Max Boot
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Voter ID laws prove nothing

Early on election day last June, someone broke into a poll workers garage in the California... More

  • By Patt Morrison
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Letters to the Editor

Teachers frustrated To the Editor: As a member of the Westridge School Based Decision Making... More

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Some good news

Parents and teachers in the city schools received some good news last week, indeed the first good... More

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Toll roads are history

A historic event took place in Kentucky this week, and it was little noticed by a public grown... More

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Account for detainees

This month the Bush administration revealed that for several years it has operated a program... More

  • By William H. Taft IV
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This is simply beyond the Pale

AUSTIN, Texas -- Oh dear. Im sure he didnt mean it. In Illinois 6th Congressional District, long... More

  • By Molly Ivins
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The moderate Republican scam

WASHINGTON Sen. Lincoln Chafee, Republican of Rhode Island, is seeking reelection in his heavily... More

  • By Harold Meyerson
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Curve still dangerous

Anyone remotely familiar with the pace of action involved in a large agency of state government... More

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Annans successor

WASHINGTON -- The 15 nations that gather in New York today to conduct a straw poll to choose the... More

  • By Jim Hoagland
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Schwarzenegger the survivor

SACRAMENTO -- The Terminator has rescued himself from political ruin by reinventing his approach... More

  • By David S. Broder
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The $1 million error

We all have insurance on our lives, homes and motor vehicles. When we make premium payments on... More

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The penny stops here

Two months ago, in an Olympian act of statesmanship, Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., took aim at the... More

  • By Sebastian Mallaby
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An unseen election factor

WASHINGTON -- What could prove to be the most important factor in the 2006 elections is... More

  • By E.J. Dionne Jr.
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