Capitol's the place

Frankfort is fortunate in that we have several very fine places to have a community Fourth of... More

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We need fewer secrets

The U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) turned 40 Tuesday, the day we celebrated our... More

  • By Jimmy Carter
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Serious allegations

Daily News, Bowling Green The trial against seven United States Marines and a Navy medical... More

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Colonel takes Hanoi

The Kentucky Enquirer, Fort Mitchell America has finally taken Hanoi, thanks to an American... More

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Conservation incentives

Lexington Herald-Leader The state House passed a bill that includes incentives to help Kentucky... More

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Those expensive jails

Ask County Judge-Executive Robert Roach and, for that matter, just about every judge-executive... More

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Letters to the editor

The State Journal encourages readers to submit letters to the editor for publication by noon... More

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A cup of world history

I wasnt very interested in soccer until I came across a kind of international guide to the game... More

  • By Courtland Milloy
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Help is wanted in Iraq

As Congress continues to split hairs over the when and how of American troop withdrawals, someone... More

  • By John Kornblum
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Give Nixon his due

WASHINGTON Lets give credit where credit is due: Nobody knows how to take the worst political... More

  • By Harold Meyerson
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Iraq, Afghanistan teetering

WASHINGTON -- The situation the United States and its allies now face in Afghanistan and Iraq is... More

  • By David S. Broder
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Promises, promises

Is there really any wonder that the term developer has a negative connotation with many people? A... More

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