Renewing our focus for a new year

2016: It’s a new year, and for many of us, it’s a new start. It’s a time when people typically... More

  • By Chrissy Jones, Franklin County Public Schools Superintendent,
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Is funding fair?

It’s encouraging to see that Franklin County Public Schools is again trickling millions in extra... More

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Playing the McCarthy game

In 1949, Sen. Joseph McCarthy arrived in Columbus, Ohio, to make a speech but within an hour... More

  • By Richard Cohen,
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The Donald vs. Big Bill

Not satisfied with hurling sexist invectives at Hillary Clinton, the Donald has turned his ire on... More

  • By Susan Estrich,
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Make 2016 a good year

Thursday night, we counted down the end of one year and celebrated the beginning of another. It’s... More

  • By David Snow, Eagle Post
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Issues for the New Year

It’s finally here, 2016, and as we celebrate new beginnings, we at The State Journal would also... More

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Thanks, Obama!

Thanks, Obama — and we don’t mean that in the sarcastic tone some of your critics often use to... More

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