Not everyone gets a trophy

It would be easy to call protesting college students crybabies and brats for pitching hissy fits... More

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There are a lot of dedicated and passionate people working to educate our children in the... More

  • By Stephen Pruitt,
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Abortion battle 2015

On Friday, the United States Supreme Court agreed to review the Texas abortion law that, were it... More

  • By Susan Estrich,
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Asleep at the wheel

Driving while intoxicated gets the most attention, but about one in every six fatal auto... More

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What freedom means to me

What freedom means to me is when I’m on my dirt bike going about 20 mph. The wind in my hair... More

  • By Dylan Glasgow,
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Don't forget us Gov. Bevin

Franklin County Judge-Executive Huston Wells says that moving into Republican Governor-elect Matt... More

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‘Invest in our schools’

It’s a New Day in the Frankfort Independent School District.  Our focus is on investing in our... More

  • By Houston Barber,
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