MAC chooses icons to last

By SAMANTHA CRITCHELL AP Fashion Writer Published:

NEW YORK (AP) Celebrities are known to be style trendsetters, although the word icon may be tossed around a bit too easily.

Audrey Hepburn is a fashion icon. So is Katharine Hepburn. Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Nicole Kidman and even Kate Moss also count.

Its hard to justify calling a stylish starlet whos not even a full-fledged adult an icon, but thats how many glossy magazines, red-carpet watchers, designers and beauty companies describe the Lindsay Lohan-Sienna Miller-Scarlett Johansson set.

Not MAC, though.

This particular cosmetics company saves the word for seasoned stars whove shown they can set trends at any age someone such as Catherine Deneuve, the third MAC beauty icon. She follows the thick lashes and shimmery lips of Liza Minnelli and Diana Ross.

I felt very proud to be chosen, says Deneuve from a Paris beauty salon during a phone interview. I really did collaborate on the product, colors, the style of the powder cases. It was really fun.

Deneuve, a former muse of Yves Saint Laurent, blends classic French beauty with a flawless ultra-cool blond exterior, according to a MAC statement.

MAC icons have legendary style, a distinct point of view and made a difference in the evolution of fashion and beauty, says John Demsey, global president of MAC. Deneuve, he adds, is the real deal.

A limited-edition Icon cosmetics collection picks up on a few Deneuve signatures: shades of pink, olive and plum; the champagne chrome detail on the cases; and the harlequin-pattern compact. The ads play up her cool factor, with one photo featuring neon lime eyeshadow to highlight her bright green eyes, creamy white skin and petal pink lipstick while she wears dark red nails and a red lacquerlike jacket with the collar turned all the way up.

Deneuve says her style is classic and that she never wears makeup on the weekends unless shes in town. Then its a little lipstick, powder and tinted cream.

I dont have many beauty secrets. If I feel tired, I wear red lipstick to perk up. ... I do have good skin and sharp eyes. And no sun.

She prefers to do her makeup herself than have a makeup artist do it, mostly because its faster. Its difficult for me to sit still for a long time, says the 62-year-old star of Belle de Jour, The Hunger, Indochine and Dancer in the Dark.

She also says she often chooses films that dont require elaborate beauty or fashion wardrobes. When I worked with (Roman) Polanski in black and white, I didnt want to wear any makeup at all, she says.

(Polanski directed Deneuve in his first English-language film, 1965s Repulsion.)

Since shes still very much a working actress, with two French films one starring Monica Bellucci in post-production, Deneuve says shes a little unsure about the icon title, although shes been called it before.

Icon is a very special word. Its a little embarrassing since I think when youre called an icon, I think you should disappear for a while.

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