Learning outside the classroom

By JENNIFER HUDNALL Extension Agent for 4-H Published:

4-Hers reap many benefits by participating in 4-H events outside the classroom. We have an existing contest within 4-H school clubs called the Club of the Year. Youth earn points for their club by participating in other 4-H events such as the 4-H speech contest, demonstration contest and variety show. Winners who win in their categories will receive a $50 savings bond or a free trip to 4-H camp.

4-H Demonstration Contest

Many 4-Hers take part in 4-H demonstrations. These educational tools help members gain practical experience organizing and communicating information to share with and teach others. Project demonstrations also enable 4-H members to improve their social skills and gain confidence in public speaking.

Youth can pick any topic of choice. We recommend that youth choose a topic they are familiar with. 4-Hers are encouraged to bring and organize visual aids to help demonstrate the topic at hand.

Junior project demonstrations for members nine to 13 years take place at the county and area levels. The senior project demonstrations also occur at the county and area levels. These demonstrations are for 4-H members from 14 through 19 years.

Project demonstrations include categories such as agricultural engineering, agricultural sciences, small and large animal sciences, breads, clothing, computer, creative crafts and dairy foods. Other topics are electric, general health, home environment and management, horticulture, other foods, photography/video photography, safety, small engines and shooting sports.

The Franklin County Demonstration Contest will be held March 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Franklin County Extension Office.

For more information on fun educational experiences available through 4-H, contact your Franklin County Cooperative Extension Service.

4-H Calendar

March 7 Demonstration Contest, 6

March 23 Variety Show, 6

May 11 Fashion Review, 6

July 3-7 4-H Summer Camp

(Unless otherwise noted, all events and meetings are at the Extension Office).

The Franklin County Extension Office is located at 101 Lakeview Ct. The telephone number is 695-9035. Web site is http://ces.ca.uky.edu/franklin. Office hours are 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

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