Birds on the brain at CCGC

By MARTHA BOWERS Special to The State Journal Published:

Tom Miller presented a program on winter bird feeding at the January meeting of the Capital City Garden Club held at the home of Bernice Mills.

Miller is the owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in west Frankfort.

Miller began by saying birds need four things: food, water, shelter and a place to raise their young. In the winter, water would be the most difficult because it may freeze. People tend to think birds fly south for the winter and stop feeding them, but Miller said that most birds stay here.

Miller displayed several different types of bird feeders. One, a hopper feeder shaped like a house, was made from recycled milk jugs. Miller also displayed a perch feeder, a peanut feeder for woodpeckers, nuthatches, and blue jays, a nyjer or thistle feeder for finches, and a suet feeder; fat is a high-energy food and is not bothered by squirrels if it does not contain seeds or nuts.

To attract bluebirds, Miller suggested using mealworms in a small dish or container in the bluebird box.

Miller demonstrated the following birding calls by inserting cards in a birdcall identifier: Brown cowbird, cardinal, goldfinch, mockingbird, red-winged blackbird, robin and mourning dove.

In the business meeting it was noted that the 75th Annual Meeting of The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc. would be held in Frankfort at the Capital Plaza Hotel April 17-20. Registration deadline for all events is March 26.

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