Recent acquisitions to the Capital City Museum


An anonymous donor brought in an 1859 Old Frankfort Turnpike Road stock certificate, an April 22, 1991 Olympics postmarked envelope, a July 1, 1971 cancelled envelope inaugurating the United States Postal Service, a first day of issue post card dated September 26, 1968, old Frankfort 1909 store receipts from E. T. Lillard, Rupert Grocery Company, and O. N. Smith & Company, a 1912 Kentuckys New State Capitol photo booklet prepared by George A. Lewis (first custodian of the building), and a 1946 reprint of the same photo booklet issued by Frank K. Kavanaugh, an Old Taylor Distillery postcard showing the Peristyle over the great spring, three Frankfort Bank notes (in five, three and one dollar denominations).

Pat McDonald donated a 1980 biography of Terry Thomas Lester printed by Hulette Printing Company if Frankfort, a Harrod Brothers Funeral Home hand fan, loaned a 1997 Kentucky State University framed poster tribute to Kentucky African Americans in the Civil War, some Kentucky Colonel Commission applications, lapel pins for: Paul Patton for Governor, Kentucky, Louisville, Franklin County Courthouse, and tobacco.

Scott D. Quire gave us some whiskey labels: Crab Orchard, Old Taylor 1912 & 1916, and a WWII ration book for Thomas Miller of Wilkinson Street.

Mrs. Louise Olds brought in an 1899 notice to attend the Opera House (Capitol Theatre) to get the latest tallies on the presidential election. It cost 25 cents to enter. No television or radio in those days, just telegraph information.

Ron Lovitt brought in copies of newspaper clippings from the 1920s on King of Craw John Fallis. He also gave us a 1929 check on the Capital Trust Company of Frankfort made out to the Sanitary Laundry. I plan to feature an article on Fallis in the near future.

Paula Woolums brought in Frankfort firefighter Pete Pevelers scrapbook, photos and slides of devastating fires of Frankfort.

Valerie Brock donated Frankfort High School Capitolians for 1973-74-75 and 76; a 1956 First Presbyterian Church directory; Emma Guy Cromwells 1898 Official Manual for Courts, State and County Officials; photographs relating to Merriwether and Harrod family at 318 Wilkinson Street; and Calvin Stewarts late 1950s bar in the Craw.

Gary Mitchell and his young daughter brought in a 1908 Kentucky Geological map when Willard Rouse Jillson was the State Geologist. He also donated a color post card of Main and St. Clair and a 1923 photo of his grandfather Orville Mitchell with a group-photo of soldiers from the 123rd Cavalry-1st Squadron-Troop A. Gary also let us scan information on Franklin Square shopping development from February 1969.

Ross Onan loaned us a copy of the February 10, 1900 Leslies Illustrated magazine to scan images related to the assassination of Governor William Goebel.

J. Bruce Lee donated his father Ray Lees self-made 1936 Bridgeport High School yearbook. Senior and junior students actually created their yearbooks from scratch including photos of sports teams, the 1936 school building, teachers, and students. Phyllis L. Baileys book on Bridgeport published in 2003 features these and more photos.

Al Alfaro donated a plastic Kentucky Bicentennial Celebration Luncheon token dated June 1, 1992 relative to the state bicentennial.

Joan Adrian donated a Lexington Herald-Leader special section from February 1999 on 2000 Our Past, our future: Kentucky at the Millennium. She also gave us match books for the following: Mayos Landing on Wilkinson, Capital Plaza Hotel, Re-Elect Fred Bradley State Senator, Stigers Trailer Mfg. Inc., Paul Patton for Lt. Governor, Ray Corns for Circuit Judge Division 1, Buckleys Feed Store on St. Clair, Kings Daughters Dining Room, Bullfrogs, China Wok, and the Holiday Inn on Louisville Road.

Historic Properties saved a piece of the copper-work sheeting they replaced while refurbishing the State Capitol pediment and donated it to the museum.

David Tincher donated some business invoices related to the Gobber-Lutkemeier store.

Edith Carr donated the US Marine uniform of her stepbrother George Freeman Whitehead of Frankfort worn during the Viet Nam War.

William E. Johnson donated political banners welcoming Louie Nunn/Wendell Ford and Wendell Ford/Julian Carroll. Johnson informed us that in his early lawyer days he had an office upstairs in our museum building.

Henry Lyon donated a Happy Chandler for Governor calling card for his second campaign in 1955.

Paul Van Hoose loaned some of his fathers (Vernon N. Jones) collection of state road maps including a 1931 Kentucky travel brochure and map, two 1952 Official Kentucky Highway maps, a Chamber of Commerce folder on Frankfort from the 1950s when the chamber was located in the museum building on Ann Street and a group of assorted old bottles some relating to Frankfort.

Greg Meyer permitted us to scan an early 1970s photo from a YMCA basketball program that featured Coach Adolph Rupp, Jim Tate, Bob Hubbard, and Meyer.

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