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By Phil Case State Journal Columnist Published:

Happy Easter morning!

I dont know what the weathers like out your window today, but as I write this Thursday afternoon its absolutely gorgeous. All this warm sunshine and rain is rapidly warming the ground, but remember we still have just under a month before the statistical last danger of frost will pass around Mothers Day.

Be patient. Theres no need to sacrifice your time, money, seeds, and/or seedlings to a sudden cold snap/frost even a freeze.

Heres the planting information for this week and then again the early-garden list.

Moon dark now

The moon is in the dark phase now, the full moon having come into force last Thursday. Until the next new moon or no moon visible in the sky on April 27, 3:43 p.m., only those veggies that produce beneath the ground should be planted.

According to the signs of the zodiac, outstanding planting is on tap for this Easter Sunday with the sign in Scorpio (the secrets), one of the four most fruitful signs, and the moon in the dark phase.

If you have any time today and if you want to plant any below-ground producers like potatoes, radishes, or onions then todays your day with a fertile sign and a dark moon.

A series of so-so days begins Monday and continues through Saturday, April 22. These are signs that arent particularly productive but they arent destructive either just so-so. Throughout this period the moon will remain in the dark phase.

Specifically, Monday and Tuesday are ruled by Sagittarius (the thighs), followed by Wednesday and Thursday under Capricorn (the knees), concluding with Friday and Saturday, April 21-22, governed by Aquarius (the legs).

After today the next really fertile days for planting will be Sunday and Monday, April 23-24, when the sign moves to Pisces (the feet) and the moon is in the dark phase.

Good time to make changes

While the period April 17-22 wont be the greatest for planting, it will be for making changes like giving up smoking, starting a diet, weaning small children or animals, scheduling elective surgery or dental work anything that requires a change.

The signs are going out of the body and the moons in the dark phase. The period actually continues through Monday, April 24, when the sign is in Pisces (the feet), and that, unlike the signs April 17-22, is an outstanding planting sign as I mentioned above.

So, if you have changes to make theres a good stretch beginning Monday.

Spring gardens

Here again is the list of crops that enjoy cool weather and soil temperatures. They can withstand frosts, freezes, even some snow. Now: spinach, onion sets, radishes, rhubarb (crowns), rutabaga, turnips, Irish potatoes, onion seeds, parsley, and parsnips, leaf lettuce, Bibb lettuce plants, head lettuce plants, and onion plants.

This information comes from Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky, published by the University of Kentuckys Cooperative Extension Service.

I welcome your questions! Dont hesitate to call me at 223-8422 (home) or 227-4556 (The State Journal) or e-mail me at If you have questions about different varieties of plants, contact the Franklin County Extension Office or a local nursery.

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